Obama’s effort to transform America has soured the American public

The following is a partial review on how Obama is “fundamentally transforming America.”

Health Care

Obama knowingly lied when he said ‘You can keep your health insurance,period; or that you could keep your doctor. The Administration’s incompetence may leave millions of people without healthcare insurance as of January.

While Obama is touting the benefits of Obamacare his effort is being undermined by Harry Reid who in an extraordinary move has exempted staffers from Obamacare .


The U.S. is experiencing the worst recovery in history since the 2007 recession. If you add people who have stopped looking for a job and federal disability recipients among others, the unemployment rate may exceed 14%. Among Blacks it is appreciably higher.

Legal Issues
Obama has made illegal appointments by falsely determing that the Senate was in recess when it wasn’t. He has repeatedly failed to enforce laws and used so called Executive power to change and create laws all in violation of the Constitution.

Federal Disability

Sadly Obama has been successful in transforming America into a permanent welfare State. The total number of people receiving federal disability payments, 10,982,920 people outnumber the total population of Greece.The number of people on disability increased by more than 50% since Obama took office and the fund is almost bankrupt.

Food Stamps

Approximately 47,000,000 Americans, one sixth of the country now receive food stamps. In 2007 27.6 million people participated in the food stamp program. This is a 75% increase since Obama took office.

America’s World Leadership at a 40 year low

A new Pew Research Center poll found that 53 percent of people believe that the U.S. is playing a less important role as a world leader than a decade ago, the highest figure since 1984. Worse: 70 percent said that the U.S. is respected less than in the past. almost matching the high reached under former President George W. Bush, whose foreign policy Obama pledged to reverse.

Foreign policy

Obama is exploring ways to let Iran to continue to enrich uranium which will permit Iran to develop nuclear weapons.

Obama and his administration were untruthful about the attack in Benghazi which resulted in the death of a U.S. Ambassador and he failed to provide assistance to the Ambassador.

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