The People’s Cube Was Hacked by George W. Bush

On December 4th this year, the People’s Cube was blocked by most browsers and placed in Google Gulag, leaving the masses of wired workers and peasants without their beloved Party Organ. This was the second blow that the toiling communities of America and the world suffered in rapid succession – the first blow being, of course, the failed launch of the ObamaCare website.

And since we all know that the culprit in that case was, without doubt, George W. Bush, there is no doubt in our collective mind who done did it this time.

As a result, the glorious pages of our most truthful news source were replaced with intimidating messages and pictures warning the users of dire consequences to their livelihoods, personal data, and bank accounts. These were exactly the same security risks posed by the ObamaCare website. Coincidence? Don’t make us laugh. There are no coincidences: only a steady, historically inevitable progress and the attempts to thwart it by reactionaries. And we all know that the mastermind of all reactionary conspiracies is George W. Bush. What more proof do we need?

The matching patterns didn’t end there. The replacement screens told the web-surfing masses that they had to click on the dangerous link to find out what’s behind it. The screenshot of what they saw on is above. An almost identical image was found on the People’s Cube:

We all know who took up painting recently – George W. Bush. So who do you think manufactured these false images? No doubt Bush always knew how to do this but managed to keep it secret until the news leaked out.

The alleged reason for the block was “suspicious” behavior of some capitalist ads that appeared on the Cube, and we know who the biggest supporter of capitalism is. It’s George Bush. So it’s all Bush’s fault.

Thus, through no fault of our own, we found ourselves in Google Gulag, which is like a worldwide ObamaCare system for websites. Our coverage was suddenly canceled and we were trapped with no discounts for pre-existing conditions, huge out-of-pocked expenses, and the looming prospect of the Death Panel. There was nothing we could do: the navigators were incompetent, barely spoke any English, and the higher-ups were unreachable. All we could do was wait and hope that our health problem would go away by itself. And so it did, on the fourth day.

This morning the People’s Cube has been released from Google Gulag with a clean bill of health, albeit a tarnished reputation, somewhat disheveled and broke.

We have to learn to live again in the free world… What? Not free anymore? Boy, things did change while we were in the slammer.

Please visit The Peoples Cube.

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