Obama TF Studying How to “Nudge” – Control your Behavior

“In a universe of deceit, truth becomes a revolutionary act.” Often attributed to George Orwell, this statement is eerily appropriate in light of this latest revelation about the Obama administration.

In Politico, Richard Williams reports:

Earlier this year, the White House revealed that it is establishing a task force dedicated to studying how to motivate you—just as parents do—to do what the government thinks is best for you.

Just another example of how well this administration is spending your taxpayer dollars. Not.

Per Williams:

To be clear, Congress did not pass legislation authorizing such activity; this is something dreamt up by bureaucracies to force their own preferences on citizens, whether by combating obesity or discouraging procrastination when it comes to saving for retirement.

The report goes on to explain the genesis of this very disconcerting endeavor, called “behavioral economics”—the study of how psychology affects people’s decisions. It most recently became a buzzword when former White House official Cass Sunstein co-authored the book Nudge while Sunstein was still a law professor at Harvard.

Williams reports:

In 2009, Obama appointed him as administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, where Sunstein championed cost-benefit analysis of regulation, as well as “nudges.” Sunstein left government in 2012 to return to academia, but the “nudge” school of thought has clearly lingered in the Oval Office: The newly created behavioral economics task force is the most prominent example yet.

Just so you know, Sunstein is married to US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power and when he testified before our House Small Business Committee actually said “increased regulation is a means to create jobs.” He believed that government must hire more people to enforce the new regulations – yes, these are the types of people Obama has close to him.

President Obama and his progressive socialist disciples seek to turn the United States into a “1984″-type totalitarian government-controlled society where history is rewritten (see Common Core). Thanks to the Supreme Court ruling on the Individual Mandate, government has the authority to modify individual behavior by way of taxation, forcing you to purchase private sector industry products.

All of you who (still want to) think Barack Obama is a “likable cheeky” fella — you are wrong. He is a deceptive charlatan and manipulative despot. Right now, the Democrats are crafting poll-tested messages and slogans to mentally enslave America. Obey or rebel, the choice is yours — I have made mine.

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared on AllenBWest.com.

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