Rubio on Mike Huckabee Show: Ryan Budget deal will open spending floodgates


Budget Deal will Open Spending Floodgates

Senator Marco Rubio: “This country has a very fundamental problem, where a growing number of Americans do not feel like they’re getting a chance to get ahead. And even the people who have gotten ahead and are living the American Dream are worried that their children will not get that chance. We need to respond to that. We need a government that creates less debt. We need an economy that’s creating more stable, middle-class jobs. And there are government policies that will further that. This budget does not do that. It has no long-term plan in place to deal with the very serious debt problem that threatens our future. And that’s my problem. It’s not just this budget – it’s this lack of long-term thinking around here. There are no long-term solutions apparently possible in Washington, and we are running out of time. That’s why I’ve become opposed to the deal they’ve come up with.”

Rubio: “I don’t think the sequester was the best way to reduce spending, but it’s certainly a lot better than continuing to let the debt grow or raise taxes. That was part of a budget agreement that was reached two years ago. We’re basically now walking away from that as a result of this. So I think we could have created more flexibility for the military to spend the money that it has. I think we could have looked for ways to perhaps replace the sequester on the military with some other cuts somewhere else because I think national security is important. But I think to walk away from the already agreed upon reductions in spending that were so difficult to achieve, I think opens the floodgates that really threaten to put us right back in these spending habits and really, we’re going to continue to have a government that spends more money than it takes in.”

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