The Robertson’s of Duck Dynasty Talk About How Their Faith in Jesus Turned Around Their Lives!


Phil and Kay Robertson of the hit A&E television program Duck Dynasty, share how their faith in Jesus has been integral to their success! This video is courtesy of the 700 Club on the CBN Network.

Michael W. Chapman writes, “Although some liberal observers criticized Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson’s remarks about homosexual behavior as ‘disgusting’ and ‘vile and extreme stereotypes,’ the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), one of the federal government’s leading health voices, uses nearly identical and even more graphic language in describing some of the sexual practices of male homosexuals.:

“Gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men (MSM) represent approximately 2% of the United States population, yet they are the population most severely affected by HIV,” says the CDC. “Most HIV infections in men are transmitted through sexual contact, especially anal sex.

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