Who is John Beale and why I should be very concerned?

John Beale was just sent to jail for fraud. He was in charge of the EPA. His wife Nancy Kete wrote the Clear Air Act based on this fraud. Using this fraud the EPA successfully managed to close industry after industry destroying the American economy. Example: The lightbulb will now end its success due to Rep Fred Upton’s Energy committee, following this fraud.

Why is this important to you?

Americans have been trained in school under fraud programs like NCLB and CCS, to listen to sound bytes, not connect the dots. This way one issue can be reported without anyone ever following cause and effect. So let’s connect some dots.

Every Florida (American) business is being affected by the EPA fraud perpetrated by liar, John Beale (just indicted and sent to jail for fraud) and his lying wife. These liars lie and Americans are stuck picking up the cost for their destruction.  Just look at the budget from early 1990’s when these man made global warming fraud crippling policies became effective. This Fraud was and is the start and end of our debt problem. Eliminate fraud, eliminate the debt.

Perfect example: Recently we have received several emails from Floridians who have received flood bills with premiums off the charts. These new FEMA and Army Corp of Engineer’s maps are drawn using the fraud of the EPA and IPPC computer models which add 4-20 feet to the height of the ocean causing all of Florida to be a flood zone. Check your state.

As a result, the premiums for Floridians, which will cause loss of homes (the true goal), are based on fraud as well.

John Beale has been in the EPA since the late 1980’s as senior advisory in the office of air and radiation. Beale the highest paid EPA employee, paid by American tax dollars, and leading expert on Climate Change also claims about cow flatulence endangering the planet.  This Grandiose narrative resulted in loss of small farms unable to meet stringent requirements. He also pretended that the planet will burn up unless we bike to work. Now DOT pays more attention to bike paths than crumbling highways.

Beale helped rewrite the Clean Air Act in 1990, and led EPA delegations to the Climate Change Conference in 2000 and 2001. He helped negotiate emissions agreement with India and China. Beale is married to Nancy Kete, who Pres. Obama appointed the National Commission on the BP Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill and offshore drilling. She is currently managing director of the Rockefeller Foundation.  Is this why only conservation groups are the beneficiary of BP funds while the people affected get little or nothing?

Nancy Kete, joined the Rockefeller Foundation in January of 2012, as Managing Director, leads the foundation’s global work on resilience (cities), including developing strategies and practices for infusing resilience thinking.  (Nancy wants you to live the ways she desires, not they way you desire. The goal is to change your consumption patterns to suit her strict requirements.)

Nancy has been a diplomat, and a Climate Change negotiator, (WRI). Kete, with 13 years at the World Resources Institute (WRI), first as a director of the Climate Energy and Pollution Program and then as founder and director of EMBARG, a program that catalyzed environmentally sustainable transport solutions to improve quality of life in the cities,  causing rezoning and loss of private property.  ALL based on lies using computer citing the precautionary principle (If I think it can happen then we must regulate for it) while carrying an expensive price tag destroying the American economy.

Dr. Kete provided recommendations on unilateral steps the industry should take to improve safety above and beyond what the regulations would require. (forcing small business to close as they could not comply)   Dr. Ketes, worked for the EPA where she led the development of the acid rain control title of the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments, the first and as of yet most successful application of market instruments for pollution control. (like burning food for fuel causing food shortages resulting in escalating food prices doing nothing for pollution, or regulating wood burning stoves).

Dr. Kete holds a PhD in Geography and Environmental Engineering from John Hopkins University. It would be tough to fathom that his wife Nancy Kete did not know about the Million dollar fraud!

Both John Beale and Nancy Kete work directly with the U.N., and contribute to their goals in Sustainable Development (aka Agenda 21), using the fraud in Climate Change and global warming, along with the Trillions of taxpayer dollars that the U.S. has invested in the United Nations scheme.

Her program decided: The West must pay for under developed countries. Closing western industry is the way: NAFTA, GATT, Free Trade Zones, outsourcing anyone???

Today building in Florida followings International Code (ICC) for “Sustainable Building” also based on this fraud.  Hundreds of small construction companies were put out of business because they could not comply with the high cost of new education, permits and fees mandated by the UN, ALSO BASED ON FRAUD.  Why is Florida being forced to follow anything from the UN WHEN FLORIDA MIAMI-DADE CODES WERE THE BEST IN THE WORLD?

Answer:  MONEY and POWER.   Instead of using American companies, Florida is now being sold to HUGE international corporations who can comply with the fraud regulations instead of small American Businesses who can not comply.


Everything we do, every policy we have is based on the Man Made Global Warming Fraud, designed to make the rich richer by destroying your business and community, while telling you they want to “HELP the Middle Class”.

Yes they want to help the middle class… out of existence.

Just check your flood insurance premium, permits, building, zoning now based on a computer model of oceans rising. The oceans are not rising.  How do we know? We measure using rulers not computers.

So sorry, computers do not control the climate.

Do these fraud policies affect you?

The fraud of man made global warming has:

1.  Cost Americans trillions of dollars outlawing and restricting construction methods forcing the use of international code.
2.  Forced small companies out of business: cars, lightbulbs, energy, fishing and farming etc to name a few.
3.  Destroyed communities: permitting, rezoning, blowing dams, holding back water, ESA, eminent domain, conservation easements
4.  Destroyed wildlife:  Killed over 200,000 head of cattle so far, eagles, birds
5.  Destroyed farming:  with ridiculous regulations, withholding water for farmers. forcing Americans to buy food from uninspected farms overseas bringing disease and bugs.
6.  Confiscated private property and land due to phony charts and computer models – claiming wetlands, wildlands, flood zones, corridors “Greenways/Blueways”
7.  Created phony off limits for land masses with phony conservation schemes while requesting more money – Florida Forever owns over 28% of Florida.  These programs taking land off the tax roles constantly require more money for more conservations programs…Where is the BP money? The bank fraud money?  in your hands, no it is now in the hands of environmentalists with more fraud schemes.  Has it helped you?
8.  Eliminating cheap energy replacing with phony expensive taxpayer subsidized  “green” energy that fails.
9.  Using tax dollars to subsidize fraud “green” sustainable development programs that that follow the Model City Plan of DETROIT.
10.  LYING to the people in order to steal in the form of phony carbon taxation

Connecting the Dots…

  1. Fraud government regulations close small business.
  2. Big Biz must use subsidies (your tax dollars) to force you to buy new overly expensive products that do not work and often cause more harm than good.
  3. Because these businesses fail, the government steps in with your tax dollars, bails out the business and takes over nationalizing that sector of commerce
  4. Big business then repays the legislators with huge donations so they will stay in business.
  5. Legislators bet in the market on your industry failing and their new favored industry succeeding.  Check to see how much money your legislator made this year.
  6. The middle class, YOU, lose your business, job, house, retirement while you are being told you bought houses that you could not afford.  Yes, you could afford that house when you bought it because you were employed. EPA, IPCC, Government agencies, NAFTA, GATT and other trade agreements, continual fraud put you out of business.
  7. With you gone, more profit for the corporation enabling the government to scream “income inequality.” Of course, your layer of income just went to the corporation profit column. With the middle class gone, the CEO gets this money.  The day the IRS changed designations and made many sales companies into W2 employees eliminating “Independent contractors” the handwriting was on the wall.
  8. The middle class is the mid level citizen who had pride in ownership, morality, loved their family, community and was extremely charitable.

  9. With the middle class focused on survival, their energy is fractured so the government adds more regulations; no one notice the excessive government control.
  10. In all your tax dollars have allowed the Fraud to filter into every industry in America, in the world. It has allowed the elimination of the middle class while screaming they want to help the middle class.

Supporting documentation:



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