Planned Parenthood nominated for 2013 “World Population Control Award”

It is time to give credit where credit is due. This column is dedicated to recognizing Planned Parenthood and its founder Margaret Sanger for their efforts in controlling the world’s population. Planned Parenthood has since its conception (no pun intended) the mission of eliminating from the world all “defectives” and “human waste”. PP has taken “human breeding” down a new path to near zero population growth in the United States and Europe by bringing to light the “inherent misery and defect of large families.”

For this we nominate Planned Parenthood for the “2013 World Population Control Award.”

No war, pestilence, genocide or government policy has done more to limit the numbers of defectives, feebleminded, poor and unwanted than Planned Parenthood.

Edwin Black, author of War Against The Weak, writes, “The global effort to help women make independent choices about their own pregnancies was dominated by one woman: Margaret Sanger … Motherhood was to most civilizations a sacred role. Sanger, however, wanted women to have a choice in that sacred role, specifically if, when and how often to become pregnant.”

So how did Margaret Sanger’s movement evolve to what it is now?

According to Black, Sanger was, “A crusader at heart, she was thrust into a mission: to bring birth regulating information and options to all women. It was more than a health movement. It was a woman’s liberation, intended to benefit all of society. Sanger and her circle of friends named the program ‘birth control.’ … Her various advocacy organizations evolved into the worldwide federation know as Planned Parenthood.”

“But Sanger was an ardent, self-confessed eugenicist, and she would turn her otherwise noble birth control organization into a tool for eugenics, which advocated for mass sterilization of so-called defectives, mass incarceration  of the unfit and draconian immigration restrictions,” reports Black.

Black notes, “… Sanger vigorously opposed charitable efforts to uplift the downtrodden and deprived, and argued extensively that it was better that the cold and hungry be left without help, so that the eugenically superior strains could multiply without competition from ‘the unfit.’ She repeatedly referred to the lower classes and the unfit as ‘human waste’ not worthy of assistance, and proudly quoted the extreme eugenic view that  human ‘weeds’ should be ‘exterminated.’ Moreover, for both political and genuine ideological reasons, Sanger associated closely with some of some of America’s most fanatical eugenic racists.” Sanger stated, “My criticism, therefore, is not directed at the ‘failure’ of philanthropy, but rather at its success.”

“The feminist movement, of which Sanger was a major exponent, always identified with eugenics,” wrote Black.

The Rapid Multiplication of the Unfit cover“Human breeding was advocated by American feminists long before Davenport respun Mendelian principles into twentieth century American eugenics. Feminist author Victoria Woodhull, for example, expressed the belief that encouraging positive and discouraging negative breeding were both indispensable for social improvement. In her 1981 pamphlet, The Rapid Multiplication of the Unfit, Woodhull insisted, ‘The best minds of today have accepted the fact that if superior people are desired, they must be bred; and if imbeciles, criminals, paupers and [the] otherwise unfit are undesirable citizens they must not be bred.”

Today the United Nations has a competition for its “Population Award.” The UN website states, “Each year, the Committee for the United Nations Population Award presents an award to an individual(s) and/or institution(s) in recognition of outstanding contributions to increasing the awareness of population questions and to their solution. The Award, which was established by the General Assembly in November 1981, in resolution 36/201, and was first presented in 1983, consists of a gold medal, a diploma and a monetary prize. Nominations for the award are accepted through 31 December of each year.” The 2010 award was given to Bill and Melinda Gates. There is even an international Population Institute.

Planned Parenthood since 1912, with the full support of the feminist movement, has been the primary force in “stopping the breeding.” Congratulations! We are in a Brave New World indeed.