Turning Point USA names Danny Huizinga Columnist of the Year for 2013

Danny Huizinga Mug

Danny Huizinga

I am dedicated to those next generation conservative writers who understand that their journalistic role is to write the truth and tell the story that no one else is telling. One of the great young organizations drawing budding journalists and video journalists to it is Turning Point USA (TPUSA). This up and coming organization is leading the charge of new conservative writers and videographers in America. TPUSA announced that Danny Huizinga was named their “Columnist of the Year for 2013.”

Huizinga upon receiving the award stated, “I am honored to accept the award. Thank you for your support! I am continually amazed at how quickly TPUSA has grown, and I’m glad to be a (very small) part of that success.”

Huizinga is 21 years old and attends Baylor University.

TPUSA provided the following interview with Huizinga.

TPUSA: What do you like best about being a TPUSA Columnist?

HUIZINGA: I really like knowing that my columns are read by hundreds of young people around the world. I am privileged to share with others in my generation the importance of getting involved, thinking about political issues, and standing up for your beliefs.

TPUSA: Why should others write for Turning Point USA?

HUIZINGA: Turning Point USA has really blown me away by its influence. I distinctly remember talking to Charlie Kirk for the first time a few years back, just when this was getting off the ground. Now, Turning Point USA has turned into an influential, well-known organization that has effectively mobilized young people in an impressive way. Writing for Turning Point USA provides a unique opportunity for aspiring political writers to get published and make a difference.

TPUSA: Why does taking a stand for your values matter?

HUIZINGA: Taking a stand for your values while respecting those who disagree with you honors the great tradition of democratic debate in our country. If you are unwilling to challenge yourself and think critically about an issue, it will be more difficult for your voice to be heard. As Americans, we have both a right and a responsibility to get involved in the political system, contributing our opinions and listening carefully to those on the other side.

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