Sarasota, FL: Top Ten Most Exciting Small Cities In America

A list of the top ten most exciting small cities in America was released by Business Insider. Sarasota, FL was listed as number ten. According to Randy Nelson from MOVOTO:

Last–but in no way least–we have Sarasota, which was the exact opposite of last in a couple of key categories, namely live music and nightlife where it placed first overall. The latter category is bolstered by more than a hundred bars, including Cock & Bull and Shakespeare’s, and nightclubs the likes of Ivory Lounge.

Active life options was another standout at seventh overall, helped in no small way by numerous beaches, while its ninth place finish in non-fast food eateries was thanks to places like Amish (yes, Amish) restaurant Yoder’s and the Cuban fare at Columbia. Just don’t to see as many 20-34-year-olds in these places; the city placed 88th overall for that criterion.

To see the entire list of the top ten most exciting cities in America go here.

Having the most number of bars and non-fast food eateries is not something to brag about. As Nelson points out Sarasota is a “retirement community” and struggles to keep and attract young entrepreneurs.

However, the one shining light is the HuB, where young entrepreneurs find a place for their creativity, support for their ideas and a unique place to gather and collaborate. The HuB has been recognized for its efforts to diversify the local economy, which is heavily dependent on tourism and real estate. The HuB brings high tech industry to Sarasota, FL. That is worthy of a special mention.

It is too bad that Business Insider did not look a little deeper, they would have found diamonds at the HuB.