Global Cooling Awareness Project Launched

The Orlando, Florida headquartered Space and Science Research Corporation (SSRC), has launched the “Global Cooling Awareness Project” (GCAP). The purpose of GCAP is to draw attention to the growing concern among the world’s scientists and climate researchers that a new record setting cold climate epoch may have begun.

The GCAP will be a listing of science educators, researchers, and science-degreed individuals, similar to that of the Global Warming Petition Project started by Dr. Arthur Robinson in 1998 at the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine (OISM). That decades-long project eventually compiled a list of over 30,000 professionals who signed a short statement that they were opposed to the concept of manmade global warming.

The SSRC has already begun to encourage the signup of the GCAP with an initial batch of mailings on January 1, 2014, to original Petition Project signatories. The GCAP is expected to take at least two years of consistent effort to reach or exceed the numbers seen in the Petition Project.

According to SSRC President, John L. Casey, “We have been deeply honored that Dr. Arthur Robinson has been so helpful in getting the GCAP started by providing the list of the Petition Project signers as well as his advice on how to proceed. There is no question that Dr. Robinson’s project has become one of the most visible and important counters to the deeply flawed concept of manmade global warming.

Now that global warming has ended and a challenging cold climate has begun, it is time to up the gain globally on preparing for the coming cold.

The SSRC’s December 10, 2013 edition of the Global Climate Status Report (GCSR)© for example, shows that of twenty four climate parameters we keep track of, eighteen now show global cooling as the dominant trend. The remainder of the set of parameters are expected to switch to cooling within the next five to ten years. It is vital that the world changes its focus from debating the now thoroughly discredited notion of manmade climate change, to the far more important subject of preparing for the approaching decades of what may be extreme cold weather.

“The Global Cooling Awareness Project is the next logical extension of Dr. Robinson’s history-making Petition Project. It will once more allow scientists and experts worldwide to have a voice in telling the truth about climate change,” notes Casey.

Dr. Robinson adds his own thoughts to the GCAP by saying, “The Petition Project has been a long labor of love and necessity to help tell the truth about the so-called ‘consensus of scientists’ that allegedly supported manmade climate change. The tens of thousands of science professionals who signed the Petition have clearly shown that the ‘consensus’ just like manmade global warming, is also just another politically motivated myth. I strongly endorse Mr. Casey’s Global Cooling Awareness Project and urge every science professional to lend their support to his cause. John like me, has endured the expected ‘slings and arrows’ for years from those who wants us to believe in something that does not exist so they can gain more power and control over our lives, all at the expense of scientific integrity. We need more researchers like John Casey, who are willing to risk everything to make sure the truth is told.”

Further supporting the launch of the GCAP is world renowned sea level expert, Dr. Nils-Axel Morner. From his office in Sweden, Dr. Morner says, “The start of the Global Cooling Awareness Project is yet another indicator of the quality and strength of leadership in climate research coming out of the SSRC. Recently, I helped coordinate an important climate research document that made a firm statement that the Sun and its interaction with the other planets are what drive climate change on Earth. Mankind’s influence is negligible. John Casey joined other world leaders in climate research to co-author that position paper. It has been my pleasure to have supported his efforts to make sure the truth about the world’s climate and especially the reality of global sea level measurements and sea level rise predictions, are properly told. I think we must stress that all forces must now be redirected to real problems in the real world, and leave the propaganda nonsense of global warming. But I don’t think we should substitute the global warming hysteria for a global cooling hysteria. Mr. Casey and I have both forecast a significant drop in global sea levels in the coming cold climate epoch. I hope that others will also accept that conclusion as well as the need to sign on to the Global Cooling Awareness Project.”

The Global Cooling Awareness Project is open to anyone with a hard science or engineering degree at any level.  To sign up for the GCAP, interested participants need only go to the “Global Cooling Awareness Project” page at the SSRC website. They then need to simply send an email back to the SSRC with the requested contact information and their approval of the following statement:

“I _______________ do hereby agree that the last planetary climate phase of global warming which was produced primarily by natural cycles, may have ended, and that a long, cold, climate epoch is now likely.”

Applicant’s names will be posted in the GCAP registry after verification.