Does Ariel Sharon’s Death Mean Messiah Is Soon To Come?

Preeminent Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri said so before his own death and Sharon’s stroke. with numerous awards for journalism, offers insight into a Kabbalistic Rabbi Kaduri who had a large and loyal following in Israel. In the final days before his death, he shared with his followers that “he met the Messiah who would come after the death of Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon.”

Two months later, Ariel Sharon suffered a massive stroke and was in a coma until his recent death. Kaduri died the month after Sharon had the stroke in 2006. Before his death, he left a letter that he said was to be unsealed one year after his own death.

When it was made public, the name of the Messiah, whom Kaduri met after years of praying and fasting, was ‘Yehoshua’ – a Hebrew name, a variant of Yeshua that was translated as Jesus from Greek.

So how might this all play out? Not like most people would expect! When asked about the end of the world, Yeshua (Christ) admonished us to understand Daniel’s book that was “sealed until the time of the end,” Daniel 12:4.

Gabriel told Daniel that his “vision is at the time of the end,” Daniel 8:17. It was about a ram that got its horns broken, said to be the kings of Media and Persia. Today those areas are Iraq and Iran.

This supports a double application for Daniel with us living in the time of the end, and it suggests an impending war against Iran.

Daniel 8 is also linked to Daniel 9 with the time period of 70 weeks determined, cut off (chawthak in Hebrew) from the 2300 days in Daniel 8. But Daniel 8’s 2300 days has no starting point until we see in Daniel 9:25 from a decree to restore and build Jerusalem until Messiah would be 69 weeks.

The decree cited was that of a Persian king, Artaxerxes. His decree was in 457 BC, but 69 weeks later, no Messiah showed up. Therefore, the 69 weeks were weeks of years which fit Jewish reckoning of a day for a year in Numbers 14:28 and Ezekiel 4:6.

69 weeks of years (483 years later), Yeshua was anointed by the Holy Spirit at his baptism, circa 27 AD.  His death in the midst of the 70th week (3 1/2 years later) fit the prophecy of Daniel 9:26. He was “cut off” by Jewish leaders’ rejection.

Jewish rejection of the Messiah was also foretold in Isaiah 53:4-7–“He was wounded for our transgressions…as a lamb to the slaughter,” fulfilling the Passover imagery at Passover circa 31 AD.

But if Daniel 8 has a second application in “the time of the end,” and Daniel 8 is linked to Daniel 9 as suggested above, Messiah (anointing) could be an anointing of God’s people as in Ezekiel 36:24-28, to include Christians who accept the Torah (statutes and judgments in the text) and Jews who accept the Messiah, seen also as the two sticks that become one in the next chapter, Ezekiel  37:16,17.

The starting point for this is shown in Daniel 9:25—“From the decree to restore and build Jerusalem to Messiah (anointing, Ezekiel 36:24-28) is 69 weeks.”  What is meant by a decree to restore Jerusalem?

This implies that Jerusalem will be destroyed, as Zechariah 14:1,2 suggests for end times: “All [Arab or United?] nations will be gathered against Jerusalem to battle. The houses rifled, the women ravished… Then the Lord will go forth to fight against those nations.”

Could it happen as “Arab Spring” with the “blood moon” that comes this Passover, April 2014?

Having Jewish friends and grandmother Giebel (el often Jewish like Ezekiel, Daniel) who was a Sabbath-keeper, I’m hopeful that the Jews can consider Rabbi Kaduri’s message of the Messiah as Yeshua, because heeding Yeshua’s warning in Matthew 24:15 could have spared millions of Jews in 70 AD when he warned of followers to flee when they saw military. And why not a loving Messiah giving a credence to his identity (and warning) to his people through an esteemed rabbi? Arab Spring?

For reasons beyond the scope of this article, that timing may be correct. For more information on Rabbi Kaduri click here.