Chris Christie coming to Florida: Democrats Freaking Out, Name Calling and Fundraising

Chris Christie is coming to Florida to help Governor Rick Scott with his 2014 reelection bid. The Florida Democrat Party has sent out an email trying to make hay while Christie is in the sunshine state.

Allison Tant from the FDP in an email states:

Chris Christie is coming to Florida for Rick Scott next week. This is the same guy whose senior staff shut down part of a bridge in retaliation for the mayor endorsing Christie’s opponent. Christie’s bullying tactics have no place in New Jersey or here in Florida.

That’s why we are determined to tell Christie he isn’t wanted here. By the end of the week, we need 25,000 Floridians to stand up and tell Christie he isn’t wanted in Florida. Can you click here and add your name to our petition today to tell Christie to stay in New Jersey?

Christie may operate his state like he’s the biggest bully on the block: exacting political revenge by delaying children on school buses, delaying emergency services for an entire town, and making people wait 4+ hours to get across the busiest bridge in the world. But that isn’t right and it sure isn’t the kind of behavior we need or want in Florida.

Add your name and stand up to a bully now!

This is the same guy who yelled at a teacher. That’s right – he yelled at a teacher who didn’t agree with his political views. It’s no surprise that his staff shutdown a bridge to exact political revenge.

It appears the Dems are freaking out and fundraising at the same time. Can you tell this is an election year?

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