Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX): Defund Obamacare, Fund Military Pensions

In an email Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz calls again for Congress to defund Obamacare. He also calls upon his colleagues to fully fund military pensions. The Ryan-Murray budget does neither of these things.

On the Senate floor Cruz states, “This $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill is outrageous enough, but on top of that it provides direct funding for Obamacare, which is destroying jobs, killing insurance plans, causing premiums to increase and people to lose their doctors. We should defund Obamacare and focus our tax dollars on priorities that help Americans, such as restoring full funding for military pensions for the men and women who protect us. Instead, the Senate squelched any debate over Obamacare and proceeded to pass its trillion dollar spending bill no one has even read. The fact that the Washington establishment is hailing a massive $1 trillion omnibus spending bill as a worthy achievement is exactly what’s wrong with our government today.”


Senator Cruz notes, “This week, once again, Washington politicians failed to listen to the American people. The Senate passed a $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill, and the Majority Leader and Senate Democrats refused to reexamine the detrimental harms many families are facing due to Obamacare. The expansion of federal power and the lawlessness promoted among Senate Democrats and the President must stop.”

“Just this year, President Obama has delayed the employer mandate by a year, without the approval of Congress. He has chosen to modify enforcement of drug crimes, without the approval of Congress. He has granted legal status to illegal immigrants, without the approval of Congress,” states Senator Cruz.

I agree with Senator Cruz when he says, “We have had enough. It is time to make D.C. listen.”

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