Common Core: Will Florida Politics Trump Truth?

While opposition to Common Core is not just a conservative issue, we must agree that conservatives have carried a heavy load in this battle against nationalizing education so far.  It is shocking that with a Republican Governor and state legislature, conservatives who oppose Common Core have been ignored and vilified.

Last Saturday I was part of a large meeting of leaders against common core from every corner of Florida. Nearly half were, or had been educators. This group is not “misinformed” as proponents of Common Core continually say to disparage our efforts.  These people do not wear tinfoil hats, but are the foundation of our communities and they know how and why Common Core is an existential threat to our children, our country and our future.  They are driving for the truth to trump the heavy hand of politics so clearly involved in the issue of Common Core.

As a result of pressure on Governor Rick Scott and state legislators by groups opposing Common Core, the Governor issued diversionary and misleading executive orders to hold just three hearings in the entire state,October 15-17, 2013, and stated they would listen to input on the national Common Core standards.  Nineteen thousand comments were registered and roughly eight hundred people attended hearings in person at great expense and lost time.  Leaders of the Stop Common Core movement brought world recognized experts on education standards to meet with Commissioner Stewart, the fifth Commissioner in just three years, and her team for two hours, hoping the facts would alter our disastrous course of ceding control over education to our federal government.  The hearings were to divert our attention and our support and pretend our input made a difference.  It worked for many and we lost 3 months wanting and waiting for our governor to listen.

On January 14th, the Florida State Department of Education held a “workshop” to discuss their proposed changes as a result of the hearings and comments to Common Core Standards implemented already.  The minimal changes to be discussed were revealed less than twenty-four hours before the required “workshop” was to take place and obscurely buried in the FLDOE web site.

Calling in to participate in the “workshops” was a logistical mess requiring four calls to get through for this writer, and once in, it was only a half hour reading of the changes without the ability to comment.  We were stiff armed again and Common Core implementation in Florida did not even have a hiccup.

Where do we stand now?  Next week, the Florida Department of Education will meet in Miami Lakes January 21, 2014.  Input is needed and will likely be ignored as they continue to steamroll Common Core implementation.  Opposition is growing exponentially as parents, teachers, administrators and patriots experience the problems of Common Core first hand.  Horrific stories about the disastrous results in other states such as New York and Kentucky are fueling a move for organizations in the entire country to unite.

One can only come to the logical conclusion that Governor Scott’s illogical position has been influenced and controlled by Jeb Bush whose foundation took $501,000 to support Common Core before it was ever created. Bush still has ways of extending his political tentacles and opposing him comes with a price. His hopes for national election are tied to the same supporters who stand to gain billions through implementing Common Core.

The Gates Foundation paid off the PTA, Jeb Bush, the Fordham Foundation and so many others to put the nefarious plan to implement national education in place.

Pearson is the British education conglomerate (third largest shareholder is the government of Libya) that stands to gain BILLIONS from Common Core which is spawned by UN Agenda 21 and explained in chapter 36. It’s no wonder Common Core lessons teach social justice and that Islam is the “way.” Pearson bought out nearly all education companies in the US, but kept their names in place to obfuscate this move.  Both Pearson and Gates are major supporters of Jeb Bush.

But if Governor Scott opposes his core constituents, he will also pay a price. The truth is that Governor Scott needs to listen to the twenty-seven County Republican Executive Committees who resolved to oppose Common Core, the Committeemen and Committeewomen from the entire state, the Republican National Committee, the Republican Women Federated, some teachers unions and dozens of think tanks.

Those opposed to Common Core have researched this nationalization of education called Common Core and found it unconstitutional, unwise, untested, unaffordable, intrusive and ineffective. National education has been used by tyrants and despots as a vehicle for propaganda since the beginning of civilization to create a compliant citizenry.

This is an existential threat to all of us, our children and our country. It’s Obamacare for Education, but worse. The hearts and minds of our children are being stolen. If Governor Scott continues to alienate his base of conservative voters in favor of the Jeb Bush cabal, it is highly likely he may lose his bid for reelection.

Governor Scott can’t ignore the reality of the facts and the rising tide of opposition.  He must take a side and it better be ending Common Core, not pausing it, not tweaking it, but restoring parental and local control.  To us it is not just an “issue” or a political calculation.  It is our kids and the future of our country.

Please go to and join the army of parents, teachers and concerned citizens to END Common Core in Florida and beyond!

VIDEO: Common Core: Based on UN Agenda 21, UNESCO Standards