Suicide Bombings at the Olympics in Sochi, Russia and at Super Bowl XLVIII in New York?

There is a real possibility Islamic based terrorists and their supporters will conduct suicide attacks at the 2014 Winter Olympics beginning on February 6th in Sochi, Russia. Islamic groups have already boasted about their intentions during the Olympics. No amount of KGB, Russian police, Russian military or U.S. security assistance will prevent an attack at Sochi if it has been scheduled by the terrorists to take place. American athletes and U.S. media corporations will be the primary targets.

Americans should be gravely concerned about a very realistic threat of an Islamic terrorist attack at this years Super Bowl being played at the New York Giants Stadium on February 2nd.

Islamic terrorists have the desire to destroy America and what we stand for – freedom. They have the funding to carry out an elaborate attack at the stadium. Funding and support comes from organizations such as CAIR, ISNA, MANA, MAS, and MSA to name a few terrorist supporting Islamic organizations in America.

More importantly Islamic terrorists have the weapons to carry out a major attack at the Superbowl. There are U.S. security officials from dozens of law enforcement acronyms who are working behind the scenes to prevent an attack. Many of these professionals truly believe they can prevent an attack. The smart ones know an attack can’t be prevented if it is the desire of Islamic terrorists to carry it out. sadly there are few of the ‘smart ones’. The vast majority of U.S. security professionals are not properly trained in the ways and methods of Islamic terrorists. Many are naive, and many are just simply liberals who believe deep down that Muslims the world over love Americans.

In order to defeat Islamic terrorists you have to have studied the very same materials they study. You have to understand the mindset of an Islamic terrorist. Their way of thinking and acting is more on the animal level than on the human level. They set their goals, stick to their goals, and the foot soldiers carry out their leaders goals even if it means their death. Life is not important to them. Islamic terrorists have no sympathy or emotions about women and children being killed or that the hundred plus thousand at the Superbowl have nothing to do with the U.S. government.

The brother (Hassan) of Mohammed Odeh Al-Rehaief, the Iraqi lawyer who helped rescue Private Jessica Lynch in 2003 in Iraq, once told me that Islamic terrorists have what is called a ‘black heart‘. They have no love, feelings, emotions, or concerns about any person.

Islamic terrorists are Muslims who practice their faith the way Prophet Mohammed desired them to practice Islam. Nothing but the after life is important to them. This is what makes them dangerous. This is why they can overwhelm super powers like Russia and America. Don’t let the media mislead you into believing we won the war in Iraq or are winning the war in Afghanistan. We lost both.

The only way we can prevent an attack at the Super Bowl, if this is what Islamic terrorists have planned, is to move the location of the Super Bowl in the last few days leading up to the event.

Islamic terrorists are not naive, ignorant, or do not have the know how to conduct major terrorist attacks. If you look at the picture of the Giants stadium above you will see there are tens of thousands of places bombs could be placed to take down the entire stadium. Islamic terrorists will have already placed the bombs weeks or months ago at the stadium. They are not naive enough to believe they can walk into the stadium on Superbowl Sunday and place bombs at strategic points.

If the Islamic terrorists were to fail at carrying out a major attack either in Sochi or at the Superbowl, they will never give up. Their intentions are to take down America financially and emotionally. Billions of dollars a year are spent on preventing Islamic attacks in our country. If they were to begin suicide attacks in America everyday and in all areas of our country, we have leaders who would wave the white flag before they would engage them in America.

An Imam in Brooklyn, NY said it the best. “The American government will bomb us in Iraq and Afghanistan, but they can’t bomb us in America. The Muslims in America are the most strategically placed Muslims in the world”.

This Imam is Siraj Wahhaj.


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