Low Information Voters in Pictures: Adding 22 Faces to the Voices

You may have already seen these LIV thoughts here and here. But what a difference it makes putting a face to a voice make! The success of the Obamacare graphic (the first one below) made me want to do more with this concept.

I was for obamacare before

voting democrat i am still poor

voted for change peoples cube

too much cake peoples cube

free lunch peoples cube

save the planet peoples cube

unions peoples cube

free markets peoples cube

voting d is free stuff

work is what parents do

how do i sign a check

live in my own basement

my body is my business peoples cube

politicans run on mens issues

cosmo republicans want to ban sex

social security peoples cube

national socialist party peoples cube

safer if we disarm

immigration velvet rope

taxes are really popular

why read the constitution when you can watch the daily show

hollywood glamorize drug addicts and gays