Comprehensive list of States that have pulled out of Common Core

Stephanie Zimmerman of Idahoans for Local Education provides a complete list of all the states that have pulled out of either Smarter Balanced or PARCC, as well as, states that are considering it. Visit Idahoans for Local Education for future updates.

States that have pulled out of their Assessment Consortium:

  1. Utah (Smarter Balanced) –
  2. Oklahoma (PARCC) – (the Tulsa World article is no longer on the website).
  3. Georgia (PARCC) –
  4. Alabama (Smarter Balanced & PARCC – they were an advisory state) –
  5. Indiana (PARCC) –  and  As of December PARCC still had them listed though –
  6. Kansas (Smarter Balanced) –
  7. Pennsylvania (Smarter Balanced & PARCC) –
  8. Alaska (Smarter Balanced) –
  9. Florida (PARCC) –

States Actively Considering Withdrawing

  1. Michigan (Smarter Balanced) –
  2. Kentucky (PARCC) –
  3. North Carolina (Smarter Balanced) –
  4. Iowa (Smarter Balanced) – The Iowa Legislature actually has to approve its use –

States that never joined.

  1. Virginia
  2. Texas
  3. Nebraska
  4. Minnesota

Photo credit: Barbara Day

Credit: Stephanie Zimmerman of Idahoans for Local Education put the original list together in an email.  Shane Vander Hart from Truth in American Education expanded Zimmerman’s list and added some additional news stories.