Is tide turning? Liberal writer supports Obama impeachment

In recent fundraising efforts, Democrats have invoked the “I” word – the threat of impeachment — to try and rally liberal progressives as we approach the key 2014 mid-term elections.

Democrats are working hard to portray this as a full speed effort of conservatives. But it’s not just those center-right who are concerned with President Obama’s executive overreach.

In an interview with World Net Daily, famed Village Voice journalist Nat Hentoff called Obama “the most dangerous and destructive president ever” and “the worst state…the country has ever been in.”

Hentoff is particularly incensed by Obama’s egregious use of executive orders, especially considering his most recent comments at a cabinet meeting regarding having a pen and a phone. “He has no right to do these executive orders,” Hentoff insists.

Why does Obama get away with it? Hentoff says there is no outrage in Congress, no coverage by the media and no knowledge by the public.

“He’s in a position now where he figures he’s going to do whatever he wants to do.” In fact, Hentoff said, Obama doesn’t even pretend to care about the separation of powers between the executive branch and Congress anymore, because “He’s the boss and hardly anybody cares enough” to stop him.

Separately, in a hearing before the House Judiciary Committee, two constitutional law professors told Congress the president exceeded his authority when he unilaterally extended the deadline for enforcement of the employer mandate in the Affordable Care Act, according to the Christian Science Monitor.

We are in the midst of a constitutional crisis and the question Americans have to ask is whether or not their elected representatives will take any action.

The most well-known examples of Obama changing or issuing laws with the stroke of a pen by issuing executive orders include:

  • Delaying the employer mandate in Obamacare
  • Changing the types of plans available under Obamacare
  • Ensuring abortions would be covered under Obamacare
  • Enacting key provisions of the failed Dream Act to halt deportations of illegal immigrants
  • Enacting stricter gun-control measures
  • Sealing presidential records
  • Creating an economic council
  • Creating a domestic policy council
  • Changing pay grades

“Never before in our history had a president done these things,” Hentoff mused. He is baffled that Obama should escape such scrutiny when former President Bill Clinton faced impeachment just for being “a lousy liar.”

As I mentioned earlier this week, it will be interesting to hear what the focus of President Obama’s State of the Union address will be.

I no longer believe this is a matter of incompetence. This presidency is intentional and purposeful in truly fundamentally transforming America. And it’s terrifying.

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