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“For who can endure a doctrine which would allow only dentists to say whether our teeth were aching, only cobblers to say whether our shoes hurt us, and only governments to tell us whether we were being well governed?”C. S. Lewis (1898-1963), British novelist

Obama Uses Government To Harass, Intimidate Foes 

The Obama administration has turned the executive branch loose on its enemies — part of a disturbing and unprecedented trend toward delegitimizing political differences and marginalizing conservatives.  Behind the special status of his presidency, President Obama has used the machinery of government to harass and intimidate political opponents — to an extent greater even than former Presidents Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton, both threatened with impeachment.  Consider these recent events, courtesy of the Ace of Spades blog:

  • Attorney General Eric Holder’s Southern District of New York office has indicted conservative author, activist and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza — producer of the critical film “2016: Obama’s America” — on what can only be called spurious charges of campaign fraud.
  • One of the few conservative political action committees in Hollywood with enough heft to make a difference, the 1,500-member Friends of Abe, has found its application to the IRS for tax-exempt status strangely held up in endless reconsiderations of whether it merits such treatment.
  • The chairman of Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services, Harold McGraw III, claims former Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner personally warned him that his firm would be held “accountable” for its downgrade of U.S. Treasury debt — before the government charged S&P in a $5 billion mortgage fraud case.
  • Conservative guerrilla filmmaker James O’Keefe’s investigative group, whose devastating videos of misconduct led to the dismantling of Acorn, is being audited by New York for a second time.
  • New IRS rules on 501(c)(4) nonprofit groups conveniently leave labor unions and big business groups unmolested, but have a direct negative impact on Tea Party and other conservative groups.

These are not mere coincidences. They are a pattern of legal and regulatory abuse that extends throughout the government’s executive branch.

This has been developing for some time, but has come to a head in recent months. Way back in August, we detected “a pattern of presidential lawlessness” that was growing worse.  Since then, things have gotten so bad that a group of nine state attorneys general — including those of Texas and Florida, two of the three largest states in the nation — warned in a recent report of the “continued disdain for the Constitution and laws shown by the Obama administration.” Yes, it’s that bad.

We’ll say it again: Any other administration would be skewered, spitted and raked over the coals for such behavior. But this isn’t any other administration.  The fealty of our national media to this president remains too strong to permit the reporting of simple truth. As a result, many Americans are unaware of the systematic destruction of the rule of law taking place.  Does anyone remember Benghazi? The gun running to Mexico? The 2012 IRS scandal, which tried to throw the election to Obama? How about the abuses of the National Security Agency, the unilateral changes to the ObamaCare law and the unconstitutional appointments to the National Labor Relations Board?  To a degree once thought impossible, the presidency has been politicized and its enforcement arms used to pursue and punish Obama’s political enemies.

The Constitution clearly states: “(The president) shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed.” Obama has failed at this repeatedly and, we believe, intentionally. It’s part of an Alinskyite strategy for politicizing every decision and marginalizing all who oppose his “fundamental transformation” of America.  We trust that remedies to this are available in the courts. But we also know the wheels of justice grind slowly. The best remedy is one available now, this year: the ballot box. Americans need to reclaim the rule of law soon, or risk losing it forever.

Editorial, Investor’s Business Daily January 24, 2014

This Administration totally ignores the Rule of Law, which means they ignore the US Constitution.  It is now the Rule of Lawlessness.  The current regime is working against the citizens. We MUST stop it in the 2014 elections.  Don O’Nesky

Jimmy Fallon Enlists Mitt Romney To Take On Obamacare, NSA Spying In Hilarious Skit

Former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney (R) appeared on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” Friday night to “slow jam the news,” not shying away from talking about President Barack Obama’s signature health care law and highlighting increasing concern over domestic surveillance conducted by the National Security Agency.

Video: 5:06 Minutes:

Heroin Kingpin Busted In Florida Is An Illegal Alien…On FOOD STAMPS

Yet another welfare and illegal alien insanity story – while amnesty pimps like Sen. Dick Durbin keep telling us “undocumented immigrants can’t collect welfare”.  The head of the largest heroin operation in Polk County, FL history, along with numerous others who work for him, are illegal aliens who collect foodstamps. Four of the operation’s women also collect WIC payments.  In addition to raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars in drug money, the ringleader collected $900 every month from the government.

“You, the hard working taxpayer of this state, were paying him for this,” the Polk County Sheriff said.  So once again cash-strapped taxpayers foot the bill for illegal invader criminals. And every time Conservative lawmakers like Rep. Steve King (R-IA) try to mandate citizenship checks for welfare…they are called racists who want to starve little children.  Remember this story when the push for amnesty begins.

Brian Hayes, Top Right News
January 26, 2014

The Ongoing Shame Of Benghazi Cries Out For Deeper Investigation

When anything bipartisan comes out of a polarized Washington, one should be grateful. That’s why a Senate Intelligence Committee report on the September 11, 2012, attacks in Benghazi that killed U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans represents progress of sorts.

The committee, chaired by Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., faults the State Department and intelligence community for failing to prevent the attacks… Sen. Feinstein criticized some Republicans on the committee for adding a section in the report called “additional views” in which they intimate that then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was culpable in the attacks. In a statement, Feinstein, wanting the record clear, said the accusation was “patently false” and that Clinton was “not mentioned a single time in the 58-page bipartisan section of our Benghazi report.”

Yet, in an Oct. 16, 2012, interview with CNN in Peru, Clinton said about Benghazi, “I take responsibility. I’m in charge of the State Department’s 60,000-plus people all over the world, 275 posts.”  So, Clinton was “in charge,” but not at fault, is that it?

In her additional views entry, Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, said,… “The report finds that more than a year after the attack, the terrorists who perpetrated the attack have still not been brought to justice.”  The New York Times reported in September, “Intelligence officials have a general idea of where they are hiding. And the military has a contingency plan to snatch them. … But the fledgling Libyan government, which has little to no control over significant parts of the country … has rebuffed the Obama administration’s efforts to arrest the suspects.”

The report contradicts claims by the administration that the attacks were sparked by an anti-Muslim video and concludes that individuals associated either directly with al Qaeda or one of its affiliates were involved and likely planned and carried out the attacks.

What is needed is for House Speaker John Boehner to appoint a select committee, modeled after the Senate Watergate Committee, with subpoena powers to question under oath witnesses and those in charge.  According to an exclusive report from, three relatives of those killed in Benghazi, including Pat Smith, the mother of Foreign Service Officer Sean Smith, have written Boehner asking that he name a special committee. Co-signers include “scores of conservative and military leaders.” Pat Smith has saidPresident Obama and Secretary Clinton promised her they would find out what happened to her son. So far she has heard nothing.

A New York Times’ editorial writes, “The report, parts of which were blacked out, says there is no indication that the CIA … knew of a time and place of a specific attack. It describes the attack as ‘opportunistic’ and not ‘a highly coordinated plot.’ This dovetails with an investigation by the Times, which found that the attack was triggered in part by spontaneous anger over an anti-Islamic video.” The Times has a lot invested in its incorrect position and to issue corrections might take gallons of ink.

In the “alternative” media universe truth can still be found. If media elites awarded prizes to Fox News, that network’s chief intelligence correspondent, Catherine Herridge, would deserve one. Her tenacious and accurate reporting kept the Benghazi story alive when mainstream media appeared to have lost interest. In an email to me, Herridge writes about those who died in Benghazi: “We cannot bring them back, but we can honor them with the facts.”

It’s a shame the Obama administration does not seem to share her attitude. That’s why Speaker Boehner must name a special committee to uncover what the administration appears to be covering up.

Cal Thomas,
January 20, 2014

Climate-Change Busyness 

Rather quietly, the Obama administration is putting together a climate action plan that it intends to implement without legislative approval. It’s a creative approach to governing. But the plan will drive up energy prices for American families and businesses without making a dent in global temperatures.

When Congress refused to pass cap-and-trade legislation, intended to slash greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions, President Obama announced there was more than one way to skin the cat. Through climate plans, executive orders, and regulatory action, he directed his agencies to find ways to curb the country’s carbon dioxide output and commit to reducing GHG emissions.

Leading the charge, unsurprisingly, is the Environmental Protection Agency. The forthcoming regulations on new and existing power plants are simply a bureaucratic alternative to cap-and-trade. They will effectively bar construction of new coal-fired power plants and force existing plants to retire sooner than they otherwise would. Removing coal — an affordable, reliable energy source — will stick Americans with higher energy bills and higher prices for a wide variety of goods and services. This will slow the general economy, hitting our manufacturing base especially hard. Heritage economists modeled the effects of a 20-year phaseout of coal generation and found annual household-income losses of $1,200 per year and annual job losses of nearly 600,000 as early as 2023… … More

Action is necessary on climate change, but not to halt carbon dioxide and other GHG emissions. Congress should prevent the EPA and all other federal agencies from regulating those emissions or funding projects that have a specific aim to reduce them.

Nicolas Loris, The Heritage Foundation
January 26, 2014

Public School Students’ Lawsuit Challenges Tenure, Seeks To Ban Bad Educators

Amidst ongoing national debate, nine public school students in California are suing the state over its laws governing teacher tenure, seniority and other protections they say keep bad educators in the classroom.  The Los Angeles Times reports the lawsuit – filed on behalf of the students and their families by a group called Students Matter – argues such laws violate the U.S. Constitution’s guarantee of equal protection because they lead to a “gross disparity,” in the quality of education received by all students.

“It is virtually impossible to get (bad teachers) out of the system,” said Theodore J. Boutrous, who is joined on the plaintiffs’ legal team by Theodore B. Olson, a former U.S. solicitor general who argued Bush v. Gore before the U.S. Supreme Court during the 2000 presidential election…

According to a 2012 analysis by the National Council on Teacher Quality, no state in 2009 required student performance to be central to whether a teacher is awarded tenure; while at least eight states now do.  And policies and legislation recently enacted in Florida, Rhode Island, Colorado, Nevada, Florida, Indiana and Michigan – among others – address, in some way, the issue at stake in California.  “The job of the court is to make sure the laws don’t hurt kids,” added Marcellus McRae, another attorney for the plaintiffs, according to the Times.

January 26, 2014

America In Lockdown

President Obama insists he is determined to create jobs in America. He recently announced the creation of “promise zones” for five communities around the nation and a “manufacturing institute” aimed at fostering more high-paying jobs in energy efficiency. He’s says he has “a pen and a phone” to “sign executive orders and take executive actions that move the ball,” where Congress has failed to implement policies he believes are needed.

Unfortunately, the executive orders and actions Mr. Obama seems to have in mind will do little to create jobs beyond the Washington Beltway—and much to do the opposite. An obvious example is his EPA’s plan to impose additional carbon dioxide emission restrictions, to save the planet from global warming, climate change, climate disruption, extreme weather or whatever term alarmists are using these days.

Another is to issue regulations and spend billions more to mandate and subsidize expensive energy efficiency, wind and solar, biofuel, alternative-fuel vehicles and other technologies, companies and financing schemes. That is what some “green” energy business leaders recommend in a report that they recently presented to the White House, promoting a “clean energy future.”

These actions will ensure employment for more bureaucrats, blue state friends and campaign contributors. But they will also ensure continued unemployment for blue collar workers and “fly-over country.” They depend on government direction and ideological compatibility, taxpayer subsidies, and crony-corporatist arrangements among businessmen, politicians and regulators.

They will make barely a dent in a chronically feeble economy in which 94 million Americans are not working; four million are long-term unemployed; the 63% labor participation rate is the lowest in 35 years; and many of the employment gains due to a magical government formula that turns 300,000 full-time jobs into 400,000 part-time positions. The President’s proposed actions likewise will not reverse the rapid increase in 49ers—companies that won’t hire more than 49 employees, because that would trigger ObamaCare and a host of other taxes and regulations, causing even more unemployment…

If President Obama really does care about creating jobs and opportunities for the middle class, he will think and act outside of his ideological box, and pay less attention to his most rabid environmentalist base. We will know soon whether he is capable of doing that—and what kinds of executive orders and actions he really has in mind to move the ball on job creation. (I’m not holding my breath.)

Paul Driessen, Canada Free Press
January 26, 2014

As State Of The Union Approaches, Americans Are Deeply Pessimistic About The State Of The Union

Harris surveyed 2,047 adults between January 17 and 21, 2014, on the current state of the American union. The results, I think, are stunning. It would be interesting to compare the numbers to prior, similar surveys; I can’t imagine that there have been many times in our history when Americans have been so glum. Here are the key results.  Before you talk about poll responses, you have to be sure you know what the question was. Harris’s first question was: “At the end of the month, President Barack Obama will give his State of the Union to the American people. How would you rate the current state of the country?” The results:

  • Excellent: 3%; Good: 17%; Fair: 44%; Poor: 36%

These results are dismal: 20% positive, and 80% negative. That is grim; Americans think the country in terrible shape. So, does that mean that people will be tuning in to Obama’s State of the Union speech in search of hope and guidance? No. Harris finds that only 28% of respondents intend to watch the broadcast. 32% won’t touch it with a stick, and the remaining 40% are “maybes,” but I’m pretty sure nearly all of them will decide to tune out. Hardly anyone believes that after five years of failure, Barack Obama still has something important to offer.

Americans’ pessimism about their country stretches across the board. Harris asked, “How would you rate how well the following issues are going in the country?” Again, here are the results. “Positive” means either excellent or “pretty good,” “Negative” means either “only fair” or poor:

  • Environment: 34% positive, 61% negative.
  • Education: 29% positive, 67% negative.
  • Health Care: 25% positive, 71% negative.
  • The Economy: 23% positive, 74% negative.
  • Jobs: 20% positive, 78% negative.
  • Immigration: 16% positive, 75% negative…

Normally, one would say that these numbers doom the party in power, the Democrats, to a disastrous defeat at the next election. That is, actually, what I think will happen. But I think it is also evident that Republicans need to sharpen their appeals to voters to convince them that they have better answers than the ones that have so obviously failed over the past five years. That is a big job; but, if history is any guide, a massively dissatisfied electorate will listen with open ears to what the Republicans have to say.

John Hinderaker, PowerLine
January 25, 2014

Holder To Ban Religion In Terror Probes

According to NBC News, the Justice Department will soon prohibit religious profiling in terror cases. The move, if true, would completely blind federal law enforcement to the threat from Islamic extremism.  Already, the department has forced the FBI to bleach references to “Islam” and “jihad” from its counterterrorism training materials. It’s also made it harder for agents to infiltrate radical mosques.  But Attorney General Eric Holder reportedly now wants to make it illegal for agents to even consider religion in their investigations.

Democrats on the Hill are cheering the changes, along with the ACLU and radical Muslim Brotherhood front groups, who have all lobbied the administration for them. The Council on American-Islamic Relations, which has seen several of its officials jailed on terror-related charges, calls it “a step in the right direction.”  Appearing before the Democrat-controlled Senate Judiciary Committee in 2012, CAIR demanded the administration remove religion as a factor in terrorism investigations, even though just four years earlier Justice had named CAIR an unindicted terrorist co-conspirator.  The Islamic Society of North America, another designated co-conspirator, hailed the move as a civil-rights victory worthy of praise from “Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.”

The timing couldn’t be worse. Experts say that if anything, the U.S. should be expanding its terrorist profile to include radical Muslim women along with men. Russian intelligence warns female suicide bombers are threatening next month’s Winter Olympics.  TheFBI missed the Boston Marathon bombings because it failed to focus on radicalized local Muslims. The only way law enforcement can effectively head off future attacks — including possibly the upcoming Super Bowl in New Jersey — is by gathering predictive intelligence in the Muslim community — namely, inside mosques.  However, the attorney general is threatening to cut off these investigative avenues for the FBI, as well as for border agents charged with protecting the nation from Islamic extremists at airports and land crossings.

After 9/11, the Bush administration allowed agents to profile at U.S. borders and in cases related to national security and terrorism. “Federal law enforcement must use every legitimate tool to prevent future attacks,” states the Justice Department’s “Guidance Regarding the Use of Race by Federal Law Enforcement Agencies.”  These guidelines, in force since 2003, have been effective in disrupting some 42 attacks by Muslim terrorists against the homeland since 2001. Now they will be amended to appease radical Muslim groups like CAIR.

After last year’s horrific attack on a Kenyan shopping mall, in which Muslim terrorists shot people for failing to answer questions about Islam correctly, CAIR showed its typical callous indifference.

“Who cares?” CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper shrugged, after the New York press asked if the group was concerned American Muslims were involved in the plot.  “It doesn’t matter who’s involved — terrorism is terrorism,” Hooper said, while insisting that terrorists are not being radicalized in mosques or the Muslim community.

But federal indictments of terrorists consistently show they in fact are being radicalized there. In virtually every case, defendants confess they were motivated by Islam and its edicts to wage holy war on infidels. They all devoutly worshipped at mosques where jihad was preached.  CAIR should know. It stepped in to block the FBI from investigating a mosque in Minneapolis where several American teens attended before decamping to Somalia, where they joined up with the al-Qaida branch behind the Kenyan attacks.

Removing religion from jihadi terrorism is like removing Hell from religion. It’s impossible. They are inseparable. This administration risks public safety by trying.

Editorial, Investor’s Business Daily January 24, 2014

Is Holder extremely stupid, or is he aiding and abetting the terrorists? Either way we have a problem!  Don O’Nesky

Waving Bye-Bye To Common Sense

I happen to believe that the whole notion of man-made global warming is a load of hooey. After all, it’s a matter of record that temperatures were rising and falling long before the Industrial Revolution took place, and have continued to fluctuate even after the advent of the internal combustion engine.  Furthermore, I believe that Al Gore and the various grifters who have promoted the notion that we could control the weather if only we would agree to return to the Stone Age are only looking to line their pockets by scamming the rest of us. Still, I’d be lying if I said they haven’t wormed their way partially into my heart by providing me with more than a few laughs.

For instance, in 2009, they decided to hold the week-long U.N. Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. In December, no less, when the temperatures hovered in the low 20s and there were four inches of snow on the ground. And yet some people insist that God doesn’t have a sense of humor.  More recently, the Russians sent a ship down to the South Pole to report on all the melting ice that was leaving thousands of penguins homeless. As you may have read, the ship became icebound and the crew had to be rescued by Chinese helicopters. Even the penguins were chuckling. I swear you can’t make this stuff up.

What’s more, these folks whose deity is Chicken Little never tell you what would be so terrible if the earth did warm up a bit?Would it be so awful if grapes could once again be grown in England or if baseball season could finally get underway in April without all that damn snow on the ground?

The one doomsday story they seem to enjoy dragging out is that if all the polar ice disappeared, it would raise the level of the Pacific Ocean, and liberal haunts such as Seattle, San Francisco and L.A., would wind up under water. And they actually think that’s a bad thing!…

Burt Prelutsky,
January 24, 2014