Huffington Post links The People’s Cube to Koch Brothers

Dear Comrades!

Today, the Huffington Post tied The People’s Cube to the Koch Brothers. As a result, there is now a Thepeoplescube category on the HuffPost website.

Koch Brothers Group Turns Obama Into Stalin In Facebook Ad

The Koch brothers-backed Americans for Prosperity is not being subtle about its Obama-is-a-communist message, as Talking Points Memo reports.

The conservative advocacy group is sponsoring a State of the Union watch party at a Grand Rapids steakhouse. Its Facebook ad for the event portrays President Barack Obama as Joseph Stalin with smiling Soviet children bringing him flowers and the Moscow Kremlin in the background. The text reads, “Thank You, Comrade Obama, For Saving the Children From the Menace of Guns, Family, Liberty, Work, and Other Outdated Values.”

The ad, posted on Saturday, appears to mimic an old communist propaganda poster of Stalin. In the bottom right corner are the words “,” a satirical conservative website founded by Oleg Atbashian, a Ukrainian immigrant and former Soviet propaganda artist.

This was written by an utterly misguided Huff Post apparatchik named Shadee Ashtari, who seems to have learned of it from a post by Talking Point Memo, whose thoroughly confused author, comrade Daniel Strauss, had mistaken our Party-approved, Obama-praising poster for an advertisement manufactured by the Koch Brothers, and for some reason decided that this product of his ignorance deserved to be a “news” story.

Ad For State Of The Union Watch Party Puts Obama’s Head On Stalin’s Body

In Michigan, an ad for an Americans for Prosperity watch party for the State of the Union is going as far as it can with the conservative claim that President Barack Obama is a communist.

An advertisement (pictured above) for a State of the Union watch party in Michigan sponsored by AFP features Obama with the Kremlin in the background. The ad reads “Thank You, Comrade Obama: for Saving the Children from the menace of guns, family, liberty, work, and other outdated values.”

The ad seems to be a play off of an communist advertisement featuring Joseph Stalin.
The ad includes a link to, a website trying to poke fun at “progressive liberals.”

The image was taken down later on Monday. A spokesman for Americans for Prosperity in Michigan said the image was not created by someone at the group.

“The author of the page was an outside actor hoping to attract friends to the event,” State Communications Manager Chris Neefus wrote to TPM. “Our organization did not produce and does not endorse any of the content associated with this social media post.”
Conservatives have long tried to spread the outlandish view that Obama is some kind of closet socialist even though favorites of the right, like former Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX), have said that the president does not lean that far to the left.

Correction: This post originally stated that the image was produced by Americans for Prosperity. It was actually produced by someone who does not work for the organization.

comrades stomp posted

Click on poster for larger printable view.

It appears that these two loyal Party Organs, otherwise faithfully delivering the burning-red Current Truth™ to the masses of American workers and peasants, can’t tell the difference between political advertising and motivational art created by the People’s Cube glorious Department of Visual Agitation and Unanimity. How could this ever happen? They surely must have this creation of ours hanging in their corner offices:

The incompetence of these petty functionaries can only be excused by their lowest underling status in the Party nomenclature, which granted them limited access to sensitive operational material on the ongoing “active measures” aimed to demoralize and demonize the political opposition.

Either that, or comrades Shadee Ashtari and Daniel Strauss were both incapacitated by copious consumption of beet vodka rations, which led them to conclude that our positive portrayal of Comrade Obama in the company of grateful Young Socialists could mean anything other than a tribute to our beloved leader’s heroic role as the composite Father of the Fatherland, in protecting The Children™ from the harmful effects of parenting.

Instead of praising Americans for Prosperity for promoting our visual propaganda message and accepting Comrade Obama as their children’s savior, the slothful and inebriated gang of two, consisting of comrades Ashtari and Strauss, fabricated a slanderous, trumped-up charge thatAmericans for Prosperity had somehow played with Stalin’s body and wound up attaching Obama’s handsome head to its manly shoulders – thus pushing potential allies away from the radiant progressive fold and into the Koch-fueled darkness.

Let us be clear:

The above visual agitation poster was created by us in January of last year as an illustration to the following People’s Cube article by Comrade Nomenklatura-Climber:

President Hosts Children to Discuss Weapons and Parents

peoples cube facebook postIt was then posted on Facebook and Twitter and enthusiastically shared by the triumphant multitudes of workers, peasants, and toiling intelligentsia. This is how it must have wound up in the hands of the AFP, opening their eyes to the supremacy of economic equality over prosperity.

We expect low-level apparatchiks Ashtari and Strauss to face appropriate disciplinary action and mandatory re-education that would cure them of their embarrassingly parochial close-mindedness. It is also imperative that they undergo a compulsory treatment for their beet vodka addiction at our Karl Marx Treatment Center, where they will be required to read the People’s Cube on a regular basis, starting with this article:

Communists Sue Democratic Party For Stealing Platform

In the interest of historical accuracy, here are the screenshots of both publications:

Huffington Post article (some ads removed to save space)

Talking Point Memo article

End of transmission.