Damnatio Memoriae: Erasing the name Obama from American History

Damnatio memoriae is the Latin phrase literally meaning “condemnation of memory” in the sense of a public judgment that a person must not be remembered. It was a form of dishonor that could be passed by the Roman Senate upon traitors or others who brought discredit to the Roman State.

The intent was to erase someone from history, a task somewhat easier in ancient times, when documentation was much sparser.

The time has come to implement Operation Damnatio Memoriae and remove the name, picture and any discussion of the name Barry Soetoro, Barack Hussein Obama and any other names this man has used to usurp power from the American people.

Remove him from your Facebook page, your Twitter accounts and your E-mail correspondence. Refer to him only as the empty suit if you must empower him by discussing him.

Any truly effective damnatio memoriae would not be noticeable, since, by definition, it would entail the complete and total erasure of the individual in question from the historical record. However, since all political figures have allies as well as enemies, it will be difficult to implement this completely but lets give it a shot. What think you?