ACTION ALERT: Florida statewide Common Core meeting on February 18th in Orlando

Eye On US Education (EUSE), along with many other organizations and groups throughout Florida, have been fighting the implementation of the Common Core Standards (CCS) since its inception.     


Very soon, if we don’t take quick action, CCS will be established in Florida.  Don’t be taken in by the change of name to “Next Generation Sunshine State Standards”.  Whatever “adjustments” they may have made does not change the fact that it is still CCS!

On Tuesday, February 18th at 9:00 am , the State Board of Education is meeting in Orlando.  We are asking that each of you attend.  For those who work, it is worth taking the day off – as our children’s future is at stake.   For those who do not live in the area, Orlando is not difficult to get to from any part of the State.  I’m traveling from the Fort Lauderdale area.

We want people INSIDE attending the meeting and – for the media – OUTSIDE with signs.  Signs should be Informational – not “nasty” and Readable – LARGE letters, short message!    Some suggestions: “Common Core Violates Our Children’s Privacy”   “Stop Indoctrination”   “Local Control – Not Federal”   “Excessive Testing”   “Lack of Parental Input”  “Teaching for the Test”

Put together a group and carpool.  Get the word out to all your contacts in Florida who are concerned about the education of our children.

The meeting is at:

Ronald Blocker Educational Leadership Center
445 W Amelia St. (1st Floor)
Orlando, FL 32801

It is both imperative and crucial that we have a large contingent.   WE NEED TO MAKE AN IMPACT!

For more information you can contact: Stacie Clarke, Co-Founder and Central FL State Coordinator, Florida Parents Against Common Core, 321-202-0480.

UPDATE: Florida Senator Alan Hays filed this bill this week. You may read the bill by going here:

Although it is not exactly the legislation I suggested, it does bring control of the textbook choices back to the districts and people – basically a reinstatement of the State Instructional Material Committee (SIMC) – in a different form. There are also statements concerning the Publishers – although it doesn’t insist that they be 100% US owned.

I found these Lines related to what I wrote to our legislators:

Lines 40-47
Lines 148-168
Lines 187-207
Lines 382-390
LInes 437-446

I only quickly scanned it – as it just came to my attention (Alison Rampersad, my Co-Chair discovered it). I will read it carefully ASAP to see if there is anything in it that we should be concerned about. Please let me know if you discover anything in the legislation that should be corrected.

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