Exposed: The motive for holding up the Keystone pipeline


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There is always more going on behind the scenes that we’re not privileged to know. But that’s normal.

What’s not normal, is the no-brainer issue of the Keystone Pipeline from Canada, which is destined to bring 20,000 more jobs to Americans and greater independence from being tethered to foreign oil. It’s being held up by one man.

Aye, there’s the rub. Having read often on this topic and even more about the background, history and relationships of our current president, it is not surprising to me that his loyalty may well be stronger toward the Saudi King, than to the American people. And, according to the article (linked below) by libertarian, John Myers, President Obama is mysteriously dragging his feet on the pipeline, despite many people in his party, including his own state department, urging him to sign off and let the oil start flowing before Canada tells us to fly a kite, and switches gears to China instead.

Is this stupid, or what?

Then again, while we truly don’t know all of Obama’s associations and motives in his earlier life, we know enough to conclude that he has had a chummy association with a myriad of Islamists and specifically, the Saudis long before he reached public office. It was an icon of the African-American political community and president of of the Manhattan Borough, Percy Sutton, who in 2008 acknowledged that he was indeed approached in the late 1980′s to write a letter of support to help smooth Obama’s entry into Harvard. The person who brokered the deal was Khalid Al- Mansour, a radical Muslim attorney with very close ties to Prince al-Waleed bin Talil of Saudi Arabia. Matter of fact, al-Mansour and the Saudis formed an international law firm; al-Waleed, al-Talal and al-Mansour. Here’s Mr. Sutton’s comments, and related article:

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Could this be one of the reasons Mr. Obama is so adamant about never releasing his college records? How his education was financed, and by whom? And what passports and birth records did he present then?

Meanwhile, after five years of foot-dragging, the Canadians are becoming very impatient. If we don’t do something soon, they will be redirecting their exports to other countries. Such is what John Baird, Foreign Minister for Canada, basically told the U.S. just one month ago. Check it out:

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We are sitting on a virtual gold mine, letting it slip out of our fingers. Not only is this an issue of oil independence and jobs, we’re snubbing our nose at our closest neighbor and greatest ally in the world.

All, because of one man.

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