ACTION ALERT: America Needs Your Help!

The Constitution of the United States was created to be the bedrock of the nation and to lay out our rights as citizens. As America’s most important document it provided the framework for our government and the means through which the people could keep the government in check. But what happens if the government institutes laws that are inconsistent with the Constitution, such as the passage of the recent Health Care bill, HR 3200?



The Save America Foundation (SAF), a not for profit organization, is intent on seeing the U.S. Constitution upheld by our elected officials. The foundation informs and educates the public through free online Public Forums and through the SAF Online Education Center.

The Save America Foundation, a 501(c) 4 non-profit organization, has taken on the task of addressing this question by implementing a program of education to better inform the general public not only of their Constitutional rights, but of the means by which they can participate in the process to protect those rights.