Senator Ted Cruz upstaged by young Republican State Committeeman in Sarasota, FL

Christian Ziegler, the Republican Party of Sarasota (RPOS) State Committeeman, fired up the crowd just before Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) took the stage to accept the RPOS  2014 “Statesman of  the Year” award. Christian told me that he was so honored and excited to introduce Senator Cruz. Christian is a young conservative who holds the right values and beliefs. He has worked hard to make the RPOS a must stop for conservative political leaders like Senator Cruz. RPOS Chairman Joe Gruters notes, “Sarasota is the new Iowa.”

Christian’s introduction took the form of a rallying cry for Senator Cruz. Please watch Christian followed by the full remarks of Senator Cruz:


During his remarks Senator Cruz asked everyone to take out their cell phones and text the word “Growth” to: 33733. Very clever and savvy method of joining his supporters together and keeping them up-to-date on his political activities.

The event was standing room only. Senator Cruz was repeatedly interrupted with applause and calls of “Run Ted, Run!” As RPOS Chairman Joe Gruters told Breitbart, “We are shocked at the level of interest that we’ve received for doing this rally… We are a center right community. If you look at all of our individuals and officials on a local level, they’re all pretty much just barely center right. The interest and the energy that’s being created as a result of this event is that Cruz—to me, it’s just amazing. From my standpoint, Ted Cruz is a serious political player—and it’s amazing he’s able to attract these large crowds.”

“I’m inspired by the men and women like those here at the Republican Party of Sarasota and across America who are standing up to defend liberty and to defend our Constitution!” – – U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (facebook)

VIDEO – Ted Cruz Thanks Sarasota: “Thank you to the Sarasota Republican Party, we had a FANTASTIC event” –Ted Cruz

Click here to watch –

EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is courtesy of the RPOS.

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