Students for Life Group Declared ‘More Controversial’ Than Gay Rights Group

(Left) A flyer the Wilson High School Administration did not allow Students for Life to pass out.

(Right) A poster for the Gay-Straight Alliance allowed by the administration.

Tyler O’Neil from CP U.S. reported:

A high school chapter of the pro-life group Students for Life is claiming that it was censored by the administration and given less freedom than a gay rights group.

Bryce Asberg, president of the Wilson High School SFL chapter, said the flyers were just one aspect of the school’s preference for the GSA. He also mentioned a struggle over a candlelight vigil and a day of silence. “I would definitely say that there’s some censorship involved and trying to block our rights of free speech,” Asberg said. “Our message is more controversial, but that doesn’t give them grounds to block our message.”

History of the Controversy

Asberg outlined the school’s alleged censorship since the SFL chapter started in November 2013.

“In late November, early December, we submitted the flyers. The same week later we realized they were not approved,” he recalled. The denied leaflets featured a quote from the late President Ronald Reagan – “I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion is already born.” – and a milk carton showing a baby with the word “missing” and the caption “Since Roe v. Wade 1/3 of our generation has been aborted.”

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EDITORS NOTE: Featured image courtesy of  CP U.S.

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