Miranda Barbour: “Satan’s Killer Girl”

Nineteen-year old Miranda Barbour is in jail for murder. Its time for the Christians of America to speak out against the culture of death.


According to Thomas Jivanda from The Independent:

A woman charged with the murder of a man she and her husband lured to a meeting point after meeting him on Craigslist, has admitted to the murder and claimed she has killed over 20 other people.

Miranda Barbour, 19, of Pennsylvania said she killed at least 22 others across the US as part of her involvement in a Satanic cult.

Speaking to Pennsylvania’s Daily Item newspaper from jail, Barbour said: “When I hit 22, I stopped counting,” adding that she was coming clean now as she wanted to be honest.

Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty against Barbour and her newly-wed husband Elytte Barbour, 22, for the murder of Troy LaFerrara, 42, who they met through the classified advertisements website in November.

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