ACTION ALERT: Boycott the Movie “Non-Stop”

Hollywood is often referred to as “Tinseltown,” because nothing is actually real in the entertainment industry.

We’ve seen the latest example of how detached from reality the entertainment industry is with the release of what can only be described as a disgraceful movie starring Liam Neeson:Non-Stop.

We urge everyone to boycott this movie!!!

Non-Stop is a dreadful suspense/action thriller about an airliner that is mysteriously hijacked, with some of the passengers and crew murdered by a hidden “terrorist.”

But in the case of Non-Stop, Hollywood’s discreditable political correctness crossed the line with an outrageous plot twist that carries with it a distinctly anti-American, anti-military message.

It turns out that the “terrorist” hijacker who is anonymously murdering innocent passengers on the commercial airliner is a 9/11 family member/military combat vet who is fed up with “meaningless” war.

That’s right, when the villain was a child, he lost his father in the Al Qaeda attack on the World Trade Center in New York. He later joined the U.S. military and fought for America in the war on terrorism. This experience turns him into a monster and he decides to commit the same kind of mass murder that killed his father.

So, in one film, the producer, Joel Silver of Silver Pictures, and his crew manage to ridicule and insult (1) 9/11 family members, (2) combat veterans who have fought for our security and (3) the military campaigns to overthrow Saddam Hussein in Iraq and the Taliban in Afghanistan.

But that’s not all. The film doesn’t stop its ridiculous preaching with those slurs.

Believe it or not, this reprehensible movie gets even worse.

The movie’s hero who comes to the aid of the protagonist, thereby saving the day, turns out to be a Muslim doctor, complete in Muslim garb and full beard.

This is especially ironic given that Al Qaeda’s leader, Ayman Al Zawahiri, is himself a doctor and former professor of surgery at a medical school in Egypt. And, by the way, the ringleader of the 2007 Glasgow Airport bombing attack in Scotland was also a Muslim doctor.

As if all this was not enough, most of this atrocious movie was filmed at studios in the New York City area, where most of the surviving 9/11 family members still live and work to this day.

Producing a movie that makes a villain out of victims of Jihadist terrorism and demonizes our war veterans who are, in reality, heroes who should be revered and respected, isn’t just a bad movie idea, it’s also an inexcusable national disgrace.

Joel Silver should be ashamed for producing such an abysmal film. Universal Pictures should be ashamed for distributing it. And though Hollywood actors are often shallow, mindless simpletons, in this case, even actors should have had the sense to turn down such a horrendous script.

No one associated with the creation of this shameful film deserves our respect or admiration.

Non-Stop is un-American, unpatriotic and anti-US military. It also infers that overthrowing Saddam Hussein and the Taliban, as well as decapitating Al Qaeda’s leadership element, was a bad idea.

We urge you: do not go see Non-Stop and tell your family and friends to boycott this appalling movie as well.