Illegal Aliens, Non-Citizens Caught Voting In Florida In Vast Numbers

John Urban from Top Right News reports:

Democrats facing a tough midterm election are on the warpath – doing everything in their power to stop Voter ID laws in their tracks. The Obama Department of Justice has declared war on Texas and South Carolina – inventing non-existent “racial discrimination” to block popular voter ID laws in those states.


Obama has dispatched Joe Biden and Bill Clinton to attack voter ID and declare it “racist”. And the NAACP is holding rallies against requiring ID at the polls (even though they actually required photo ID to attend of of their anti-photo ID rallies).

And always, we hear the bleating of activists that “there’s no significant voter fraud in America” . Meanwhile, Democrats officials (and their activist allies) are routinely caught committing it. And Roger Hedgecock detailed the extensive effort by the Democrats to commit massive fraud in California in his must-read piece, Stealing the Election of 2012.

And now, an exceptional reporter in Florida has uncovered shocking fraud in that state – registration and voting by non-citizens – which officials had no idea was occurring, since they are prohibited from asking immigration status under the fraud-machine called theMotor Voter Act of 1993.

One Naples voter admitted she was an illegal alien – but election records show she voted six times in the past eleven years.

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