The Five Steps To Understanding Pure Islam

During my three decades of studying Islam, the mindset of the Muslim people, living and working in Islamic controlled countries, studying Arabic, reviewing 1000’s of Islamic books and dvd’s, conducting research inside hundreds of mosques worldwide, and talking with thousands of Muslims (to include Al Qaeda members), it is my professional opinion there are 5 stages a non Muslim must go through to truly understand ‘Pure Islam’. At any given time one is at one of these stages and must go through one stage to move up to the next stage.

Many people stay at Steps 1 and 2, while few ever make it to Step 5.

I have given each of these steps a name after considering the best way to describe the ‘Steps’ to non Muslims.

Junior – Step 1: This is the lowest step in understanding Islam. These are the people who do not want to hear about anything dangerous or negative about anyone, any religion, or any ideology. We all start at Step 1. We are born to care and love, respect, and honor others. This is because we have the blessings of our heavenly father. Most of us by the age of 4 or 5 understand not everyone or everything is good. Millions stay at this level due to fear and mistrust. They want nothing to do with matters outside the baseball and soccer games their children participate in. They seldom watch the news or read newspapers devoted to world news. Anything about Islam or Sharia law is a mystery to them. The closest they get to understanding or wanting to understand Islam is the Disney movie ‘Alladin’.

Incompetent – Step 2: Most of us will move into the next stage of understanding Islam when we are very young. we realize there are some things not exactly right in the world. There are some parents not so good, some teachers, some police, some political folks, and we may even hear a bad thing here and there about some strange religion practiced in far off countries called something like Islam. But at this stage we just come to the easy conclusion there are good and bad things happening all over the world, but that is just how the world is. Islamic practices raise no more a concern to these people than a athlete who is found out to be using illegal drugs. Things happen, no need to worry. Sadly, many people never leave this stage.

Hump Day – Step 3: This is a big jump for the people who arrive to understanding Islam at the ‘Hump Day’ stage. During this stage you may be in your late teens to 100 years old. It is a stage when some news about Islam and Muslims makes it way into the media. Not because most media want to provide anything negative about Islam, but due to the violent nature of the act committed by some Muslims in the name of Islam just can’t be ignored.

For instance on Sept. 11th, 2001, or the U.S. officer (Muslim) who killed numerous people at Fort Hood, or possibly when hundreds of news organizations are working at a major sporting event (Boston Marathon) and bombs begin going off and killing innocent people. Just so happens some Muslims are identified as suspects. Now to the people in this stage they have become to realize there seems to be more than just a few Muslims who commit violent acts, but with the media’s help and our liberal President these acts are committed by just some stray lone wolves who really do not know Islam.

Some people at this stage are on the verge of jumping to stage 4, but Islamic organizations such as CAIR and ISNA (with money from Saudi Arabia) insure non Muslims that Islam is peaceful, and some Muslims are just interpreting Islam and Sharia law incorrectly. These Islamic leaders are put on prime-time news and allowed to spread untruths about Islam and Sharia law. Even good ole Fox News will invite CAIR leaders to discuss Islam and Islamic based terrorism before they will allow Gabriel, Emerson, Lopez, or me.

Acceptance – Step 4: In order for people to get to Step 4, they must truly want the truth about Islam and Sharia law. These are people who do not believe everything they read in the newspapers or on major news channels. They trust these organizations just a wee little bit, but will dig deeper. These people will begin joining organizations that help people better understand Islam and Sharia law (such as ACT for America). They will pick up books written by non Muslims who have studied Islam and Sharia law for many years. They begin reading blogs about Islam, they begin talking with others about this issue, and some start speaking out about Islam because the people they trust say Islam is filled with hate and violence.

These people keep up with current events about Islam and realize that in any corner of the world there is violence being committed in the name of Islam. These people understand Islam better than 95% of the non Muslim world population. They are starting to get the ‘Big Picture’. The drawback to leaving this stage is that most people through no fault of their own can’t spend 18 hours of each day studying and researching the Islamic ideology. They will be stuck at Step 4 forever. There are a few (less than 1%) who make it to level five.

D anger – Step 5: The handful of people who make it to this stage are one’s who begin spending a majority of their life obtaining first-hand information about Islam and Sharia law. They want the truth. They do not want paid actors on TV News channels explaining to them issues the news actor has virtually no first-hand knowledge about.

The Step 5 people have come to the conclusion that our children, our country, and our children’s future are in jeopardy because of politicians who must always be politically correct, our law enforcement are not trained to understand the Muslim mindset, and the news media have sponsors and financial contributors they must please. For instance Fox News can’t criticize the Saudi government too much, when Saudi elite own much of Fox News.

The Step 5 people fully understand the realities of Islam because they have began reading more books by world leading Islamic scholars than they due professional counter-terrorism professionals (an example is an ACT leader named Jack Ellison). First hand knowledge is the best evidence you can obtain. The people at Step 5 do not use terms such moderates, radicals, extremists when discussing Islamic issues. They know first-hand that the Islamic ideology itself is the number one danger to non Muslims worldwide.

It is not groups of Islamic terrorist organizations (such as Al Qaeda), but it is what the Muslim people are taught from a very early age. There are more books about child marriages, physical Jihad, hate and violence materials in most mosques than there are materials about peace. The people at Step 5 know the Islamic ideology itself must be destroyed and looked at for what it is, evil.

These people understand there are only practicing and non practicing Muslims. A Muslim either complies with all aspects of Sharia law, or they pick and choose which ones they want to adhere to. These are Apostates of Islam, or as defined by the media, ‘moderate Muslims’. There is no such word within Islam for a moderate Muslim. They don’t exist. The Islamic ideology does not allow for people to be good.

There is no Sunni or Shiite: There is only ‘Pure Islam’

Conclusion: The goal is to help people get out of Step 1-3, and take the leap to Stage 4. If they have time in their lives to dedicate 12 plus hours a day studying Islam, they have a chance at reaching Step 5. The goal of the Step 4 and 5 people is to start ‘Branding’ Islam as evil. Just as Hitler and the SS Troops are branded as evil, we must convince non Muslims to cringe when the word Islam is used.

People in the Steps of 1-3 often believe (falsely) that people who are in Steps 4 and 5 of my scale, are haters and racists. The people in Step 4 and 5 are actually one’s who care so much for others (especially our children of all races and religions) that they give up their worldly life to discover the truth. these people understand there are millions and millions of people who identify with the Muslim religion are very good people. These millions of Muslims have been duped themselves about Islam, and when they begin discovering the truth, they begin not complying with the violent aspects of Sharia law. Many want to leave Islam, but Islam is a dangerous cult to leave. The penalty for leaving Islam is death under Sharia law.

1. We must begin to help these people to leave Islam without fear of revenge by their Islamic captors.
2. We must begin demanding young innocent children are not allowed to be taught hate and violence in mosques and Islamic Centers.
3. We must demand our politicians and law enforcement denounce Islam for what it is and protect our country and families in accordance with the U.S. Constitution.
4. We must demand our media discontinue being actors and actresses and being to provide honest news without rhetoric, and lies.
5. We must teach our children that America is beautiful and you must work hard to obtain success. There are no free rides in the real world.

So the 5 Steps are easily remember by the acronym JIHAD:

Hump Day


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