The Future of Catholic Schools – The Curse of Common Core

Hope all is well on this “Second Saturday of Lent“, as it seems almost surreal that I am still writing about Common Core – the most controversial issue to hit the United States of America since that infamous day of January 22nd, 1973 – when the Catholic Church decided to “take the 5th”, allowing the liberals of this country to pass the Roe v. Wade decision – giving abortionists in this country “open season on babies in the womb”.

Historians and Pro-Life experts will tell you today that “Had the Catholic Church stood up as One Body in Christ as One Strong Voice, back at the end of 1972 – abortion in this country would have never been legalized”. I have heard that a million times…I honestly think that’s where our beloved Pope Francis’ latest famous quote “Whom am I to Judge”? was actually birthed…and, it wasn’t just a blob of tissue.

In tying in Pope Francis’ famous “5” words from my previous article, “Who Am I to Judge“, this same nonchalant attitude seems to have a played a large role in our country 41 years ago. It’s almost as if the liberals and Pro-abortionist of this country challenged our Catholic Church back then and asked them:

“Is the Holy Catholic Church going to fight against the legalization of abortion like it should because of the 6th Commandment, or is the Church just going to roll over and allow this intrinsic evil to rule our land of the Free? Is the Holy Catholic Church just simply going to say: WHO AM I TO JUDGE?

Fifty-six million murdered babies and 41 years later, the United States is still paying a dear price for that infamous decision that the Catholic Church could have said NO to. Today, the Catholic Church is faced with a very familiar scenario, and this one involves, not the unborn – but our beloved children who somehow survived abortion. Our school children – specifically, our Catholic School children. Is history going to repeat itself? Are the liberals, the Pro-Abortion fanatics, the crooked politicians and the self-serving school administrators – along with our ever-controlling government – going to wreak havoc on our nation once again? First, the fiasco of Obamacare…now this.

The “Curse of Common Core”, ladies and gentlemen, is what I am referring to in this article as this socialist disease could be even more detrimental to our country than the legalization of abortion.

I have studied it, read all about it, immersed myself into it, written hundreds of emails about it, written to every single Catholic Bishop in our country about it, met with several of them, met with several superintendents, met with many legislators about it, organized and attended meetings, conference and rallies on it. You name it – I have done it. From the second that I heard that our beloved Catholic schools were planning on implementing this government-controlled set of “unproven” education standards that have literally been sneaked in around the back door to our schools – I became very actively involved. That’s only because I know exactly what happened in Nazi Germany back in the late 1930’s, and I know exactly what happened in our own country back on January 22nd, 1973.

Will history repeat itself?

If President Obama and Jeb Bush have their way, it will. If Bill Gates has his way, it will. If Planned Parenthood has their way, it will. If the United Nations has their way, it will. If Agenda 21 has its way, it will. If Jeb Bush and all of these self-serving politicians who are in it for their own greedy purposes, it will. And, if the Holy Catholic Church does NOT come to her senses and says NO to Common Core – history will repeat itself – and the United States will no longer be the same country that my late, beloved father brought us from Communist Cuba to live in back in 1961. Castro destroyed my beautiful place of birth. Obama is doing the same to this incredible country that I love with all my being…and, like Nero, he is playing us like a fiddle.

“Who am I to Judge?” Is that the way the Holy Catholic Church is going to answer when it comes to implementing this ever-controversial Common Core, which has the entire country up in arms? Why on earth would the Catholic schools even think of following the Public schools when the public schools kicked GOD out of their schools years ago? Is the Catholic Church going to back down from Her Catholic Church teachings & position and cower to Obama and his liberal cronies in order to get their prize? Is it too late to reverse the curse or has the damage already been done? Are they really talking about changing the name of Common Core to another name to hide that controversy – but, still looking to get that funding that originated from “No Child Left Behind” and “Race to the Top”?

The Bottom Line:

Is it all about the “Almighty Dollar” or is it all about the “Almighty Father”? Does not the Holy Bible tell us that “we cannot serve two masters?”

“Who am I to Judge?” It’s time the Catholic Church steps up and says” It is the Catholic Church who is here to judge – and it is not the jury – but, the Almighty Catholic Church – that has decided that we are NOT going to do business with the likes of Common Core – with its face & foundation of the “population control”, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; along with “abortion giant”, Planned Parenthood; Agenda 21; the United Nations; and every single crooked politician who has had their greedy hands in putting this controversial curriculum together. Common Core and all it stands for has no place in our Catholic schools and our beloved children deserve better”.

Being a devout Catholic myself, I can only pray that the Holy Catholic Church comes up with this judgement and finally puts this Common Core controversy to its final resting place somewhere in a beautiful Catholic Cemetery…Queen of Peace, Pray for us.



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March 14, 2014

Dear Willy G.,

I need your help to continue our important work on the Common Core!

Concerns about the Common Core come from about as diverse a group of people as you will find anywhere. They include conservatives, liberals, top educators, teachers unions, and, most importantly, parents.

But The Cardinal Newman Society has one particular concern: Promoting and defending faithful Catholic education.

We have been working with experts to address Catholic concerns about the Common Core, partnering with the outstanding experts at the National Association of Private Catholic and Independent Schools, and raising awareness about the flaws in the Common Core standards.

Our position is simple: In Catholic schools, the “common core” should be the Catholic Faith!

Since launching our “Catholic Is Our Core” initiative, we have:

  • co-hosted briefings on concerns about the Common Core for Catholic school superintendents, principals, education experts, and bishops;
  • conducted a poll of Catholic school principals, finding they weren’t broadly consulted and that they have substantial concerns about the Common Core;
  • published a series of “issue bulletins” by national experts on how the Common Core might threaten faithful education;
  • created a comprehensive online library of information on our website;
  • and advocated for strong Catholic identity and academic quality in media interviews about Catholic schools and the Common Core.

Still, many Catholic families and educators aren’t aware of what’s coming rapidly in many Catholic schools. There is so much more to be done!

Will you help us today with a special donation to address concerns about the Common Core and to continue our important work to promote and defend faithful Catholic education?

Whether it’s Common Core, bad theology or just ambivalence about our Catholic Faith, The Cardinal Newman Society will be here to help ensure faithful Catholic education in the years ahead. Our students deserve nothing less!

Thank you for your prayers and most generous support! May God bless you.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Patrick J. Reilly

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