Common Core: Unconstitutional, Unethical and Unnecessary

Per requests from hundreds of our concerned readers, parents, teachers, clergy and even school leaders – here is a simple and condensed version of the “3 Arguments Against Common Core”. In going through my archives of numerous notes and articles on Common Core that I have put together for the past year, I have tried to simplify this argument by coming up with these “3 bullet points” as to how know that Common Core is: 1.) Unconstitutional, 2.) Unethical and 3.) Unnecessary.


1. Education is not provided for in the U.S. Constitution, therefore, through the 10th Amendment, it is a power reserved for the states. CCSS violates the U.S. Constitution because it mandates standards from the national level.

2. There is a U.S. Supreme Court case which support the point made in (1) above.

3. Common Core is a violation of three federal statutes: (1) General Education Provisions Act (GEPA), which forbids the federal government from meddling in the state’s education programs; (2) Department of Education Organization Act (DEOA), which prohibits the federal government to develop curriculum and program of instruction, textbooks and other instructional materials, and (3) Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA), which prohibits the federal government to mandate, direct, or control a State, local educational agency.

4. The issue of data mining violates the 4th Amendment, in addition to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), which has protected student and family privacy in the educational setting. The Obama administration unilaterally wrote this federal law without Congressional approval, violating the balance of powers inherent in our constitutional republic form of government. There are currently a few lawsuits attempting to correct this egregious violation of law.

5. CCSS violate state constitutions and statutes which empower states to develop educational policies, standards and curriculum to states and local school districts.

6. “The whole education by a national state,” Hitler wrote, “must aim primarily not at the stuffing with mere knowledge but at building bodies which are physically healthy to the core.” But, even more important, he had stressed in his book the importance of winning over and then training the youth in the service ‘of a national state’-a subject he returned to often after he became the German dictator. Folks: Common Core is a national standard education! This is not what the Founding Fathers of America envisioned for America and for good reason!

For more information on the legal ramifications of the CCSS please read this article:


1. Stakeholders who pay taxes – parents – are left out of the equation. This is “education without representation”.

2. Similar to point (4) above under the unconstitutional illegal section, it intrudes on student and family privacy which is not only illegal, but also unethical because privacy is so delicate.

3. CCSS were implemented in an insidious way, without giving citizens a fair opportunity to weigh in on what they really were. The costs of its implementation is so hefty that it will place a strain on the state and local economies. This is unethical in that so many are already hurting. Their economic well being was not taken into consideration, and they are being forced to finance something that is completely against their interests. In the law, this is known as a conflict of interests and arguably is unethical. Read this article that touches upon the great expense that the taxpayers will have to pay to implement CCSS, which, as the article also suggests does not provide any benefit in exchange for a $1 billion price tag.

4. Common Core is actually a step in the process toward achieving a longtime goal of the United Nations and its supporters: a one-world education system. The UN has long sought to harmonize global educational standards and billionaire, Bill Gates – one of the primary figures behind Common Core – has expressed devotion to a similar agenda. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is a Rockefeller-allied organization with a dubious history of financing everything from “population control” and pro-abortion forces to various United Nations agencies and schemes.

If you have time, please take the time to watch this video by Robin Eubanks. It is telling, and it speaks to the issue of one-world-government and how they will use education to indoctrinate the people.



5. The tax-funded “abortion giant”, Planned Parenthood, which participated in writing the National Sexually Education Standards, will be given full access to American children. They performed over 334,000 abortions in this country last year.


1. It is unnecessary to reinvent the wheel of education – yet again. We should stick to the educational system that got this country to the moon! That is, a classical form of education. Reinventing this wheel is just another huge “money maker” for the parties who are dictating this form of education – and that is why Jeb & Neil Bush are pushing this harder than any two brothers on the planet.

2. It is unnecessary to create a national standard for education. What is necessary is that we abolish the Federal Department of Education. Studies show that ever since the federal government’s involvement in education has gone up, education has gone down. Again, the term Government and the term Education should never be in the same paragraph – let alone in the same business. The day that our government has total control over our education system is the day that we lost our country.

3. The increased number of assessments that will be introduced with CCSS will increase in the classroom, diminishing instructional time. This is counterproductive and actually harms the educational process. This is what awaits our beloved school teachers and as of now, they have no clue how detrimental this will be to their teaching strategies and time management.

We hope this brings some clarity and simplicity to this controversy with Common Core. Just keep in mind three powerful aspects of the makeup and face of Common Core: Big Government (backed up by the liberal Obama administration who wants to see everything “standardized” across the country). Big Money (backed up by the unethical Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation who have “deeper pockets” than the Grand Canyon) / and Big Business (Planned Parenthood – the “abortion giant” – who have their eyes on every single teenager in our school system with their abortion business soon to boom when they get a hold of our beloved children).

Need I say anymore, other than, please read these messages we are sending out and share them with your family, friends, neighbors, teachers, educators, administrators, church leaders and anybody who cares about the welfare of our beloved United States of America. This is truly a TEAM effort and everybody has to do their share. I sent this same, exact message out way back in August, when the school year was just kicking off. It is still not too late to get involved. We can still “Reverse the Curse” and rid our beloved schools from this socialist disease. Please do not be left out in the cold and not know what Common Core is, as every single American citizen in our country should know by now all about this ever-controversial “unproven & experimental” set of educational standards.

And, the more experts look into it – the bigger the controversy grows, only because more and more people are now looking beyond the facade of the two other programs that lured those same 45 states into this whole mess in the first place – “No Child Left Behind” & “Race to the Top”. It was all a big, giant “smokescreen” with these two former programs posing as “baits”. Sure, the money was great and easy to collect. It was a very well orchestrated plan, and now, those “more educated” states who see “how the rabbit was pulled out from inside the hat” – want to know how that rabbit got there.

Abra Kadabra: COMMON CORE!!

And, as of recently, the Obama administration has handed out stimulus packages (e.g., “Race to the Top” grants) and handed out waivers from the “No Child Left Behind” states that have adopted Common Core. Obama has even made stimulus money available to states on condition that they would collect extensive data on children to control education decisions. A truly state-led program would not need “bullying” by the Obama administration to get support.

Since we are speaking about Education – please educate yourself and stay up on this controversial issue we call the “Curse of Common Core”. Share this message with others; try to read up on it as much as you can; ask questions at your children’s respective school; ask your children about their classroom exercises and review their homework; Be prepared and do your own homework so that there are no more “magic tricks” pulled right before your very own eyes.

And whatever you do – don’t get caught with your pants down…that’s what Planned Parenthood is counting on.

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