The IRS: Al Qaeda Spy Surprise

Do you remember 9/11? Do you remember who was behind that attack? Do you remember the names of the over 3,000 killed on that day? Al Qaeda, a Muslim Brotherhood organization led by the former terrorist-in-chief Osama bin Laden planned, trained and carried out the attack on September 11th, 2001.

Fast forward to today. Is the Obama administration giving Al Qaeda terrorists free reign in the USA?

Investors Business Daily reports, “The IRS is diligent to a fault when it comes to vetting conservative groups applying for nonprofit status. But it’s out to lunch when vetting employees posing security risks. While the Internal Revenue Service was investigating Tea Party patriots in the run-up to last year’s presidential election, it dispensed with basic background checks and hired a convicted Islamist traitor as a high-level official. Mohammad Weiss Rasool, whom the FBI busted last decade for tipping off an al-Qaida terrorist suspect, reportedly now works for the deputy IRS chief financial officer as a financial management analyst, drawing a lucrative salary at taxpayer expense.”

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Here is my take on this, just one of many, failure by the Obama administration to protect us from our enemies.



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