The missing Boeing 777 from Malaysia is the hot item in the news for the last two weeks, making one wonder what other important information about other developments – domestic and foreign – would normally be, but are not at the forefront.

Be that as it may, this missing plane is a huge conundrum. And it may truly be the most crucial news item in the world. Like most of you, I have tried to follow the information and theories since day one, always bearing in mind to pay attention to the core facts. Truth: The authorities simply don’t have an answer. Thus, caring citizens like us do not have an answer.

But I do have a “worst case scenario” that is not outside the realm of possibility, and which could portend a grave disaster in the days, weeks or months to come.

The core facts:

1: Every piece of known data points to a deliberate act on the part of the cockpit operatives. The sudden shift in direction, the disconnect of transponders, the freezing of communications, and so forth, were acts that could only have been done – on purpose.

2: The pilots are Muslims. Sorry for the profile, but Muslims have earned it. Some Muslims around the world are recruited by the Muslim Brotherhood and/or associated splinter groups, for the single purpose of engaging in jihad. Jihad, for those who are not informed, is the command by Allah to engage in conquest. This objective is the reason the airline industry in every region of the planet spends trillions of dollars in security to prevent terror attacks.

3: The flight simulator in the pilot’s home, and the deletion of files from that simulator, is a dead giveaway that the pilot was practicing a landing at an airfield unknown to him.

4: Jihadists are often stealth operatives who live and work among the general populace, unknown to be involved in jihad activities until an act of aggression is actually carried out. (Example: Fort Hood)

5: There has been no sign of a terror attack or a mass killing associated with the hijacking. No debris, no crash, no bodies. No acknowledgments or statements of responsibility by the radical Islamic world. When terrorists kill, it’s meant to deliver a message. They want it known. Terror killings are always intended to be news items, so all the world is put on alert. Fear, intimidation, and submission is the ultimate goal, which usually aids radical Islam to accomplish their mission.

Remember, the Muslim Brotherhood is a huge terror organization that has millions of loyal jihad operatives all over the world. With all this limited, but significant information gleaned thus far, here are some ideas to consider.

  • The flight simulator at the pilots home indicates the intent to land somewhere within the range of fuel allotment. That could be as far as Pakistan, or other remote regions of that part of the world.
  • Such maneuvers strongly indicate long range preparation and planning, which had to be coordinated with many other operatives on land.
  • The plane would not have landed at a commercial airport, nor a well-known private airfield. It could have ultimately landed in the middle of Bumstuck nowhere – in a remote airfield which would have been pre-modified to accommodate the Boeing 777.
  • All the pre-planning would entail the provisions for refueling the plane, perhaps painting the exterior a light color for day maneuvers, or a dark color for night maneuvers.
  • This entire operation would be carried out for one purpose, the deadliest terror attack in the history of the world. Therefore, while in the remote area of Bumstuck, the plane could be loaded with nuclear bombs, or other catastrophic weapons of mass destruction.
  • The pilots? They would arrive at paradise for serving Allah
  • The 239 passengers aboard are witnesses. More than likely, they would be lined up, shot, and buried in mass pre-dug graves never to be heard from again.
  • The objective: More than likely: Tel Aviv, Israel. Second choice: New York City or Washington D.C., but that would likely require another refueling.

Make no mistake, the Muslim Brotherhood – or their associated terror organizations – has the resources to carry out such a nefarious plot. The agencies in charge of this investigation, here and abroad, are not talking. But they certainly have considered this.

I sincerely hope the debris they spot in the ocean is identified to that plane, and this was all an accident after all, which means the “worst case scenario” is dead wrong. But if anything even similar to this should occur, no one will hear me gloat, “I told you so.” I will grieve with the rest of the world.

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