Manly Obama pictures released to counter shirtless Putin

In order to help toughen President Obama’s image on the international arena, the White House released photographs of a shirtless, muscular U.S. President engaged in various manly activities. Barack Obama appears in these pictures playing golf, riding his daughter’s bicycle, throwing a baseball, and negotiating with Russian President Putin, who seems dismayed by the U.S. President’s superior physique.

The White House stated that previously released pictures of shirtless Vladimir Putin riding a horse or holding a rifle are no match to the new masculine image projected by Barack Obama in these photos, which until now had been kept from the public due to the U.S. President’s famously humble disposition.

America’s progressive satirists and Photoshop jockeys are now expected to use these pictures in creating a new series of viral “Obama vs. Putin” infographics, to counter the existing pictorial comparisons portraying the U.S. president as an emasculated lightweight.

obama golf shirtless

obama shirtless bike

obama shirtless baseball

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