School choice ESAs receive favorable ruling from Arizona Supreme Court

PHOENIX, AZ — The Arizona Supreme Court today declined to review a lower court’s decision on the state’s education savings accounts (ESA) program, essentially deeming the ESA program legal. Opponents claimed ESAs support private schools in violation of the state constitution.

However, in 2013, the Arizona Court of Appeals rejected opponents’ opinion, declaring the program constitutional in that ESA funds are directed “solely upon how parents choose to educate their children.”

The ruling could prompt Arizona policymakers to expand the ESA program further and encourage other states to consider the innovative education policy. For the most comprehensive information on ESAs, read the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice’s studies below:

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From the author: “Arizona’s ruling now gives other states more reason to consider #schoolchoice ESAs” @MatthewLadner

How do parents use ESAs?

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Are families happy with ESAs?

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“#Schoolchoice has another quality resource for families to consider with Arizona’s court ruling” @GoldwaterInst Jonathan Butcher

“Arizona’s ESA ruling reaffirms core principle of #schoolchoice: Parents are in charge” @JasonBedrick

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