“The IRS Is A Joke”

As of today, you have 14 days to get your 2013 tax return finished and dropped in the mail.

But ironically, in the year when a plethora of Affordable Care Act tax code regulations came into effect, the IRS put out the word that American taxpayers should not call them for help. Those are the same taxpayers who pay the salary and generous benefit packages of every single IRS employee!

That’s right. Our nation’s tax administrator, fiduciary agent and chief tax enforcement agency has said don’t call us this tax season. But if you insist on trying to be in the 61% of calls the IRS was able to answer last year, you will most likely hear a busy signal or a recorded message saying call someone else.

It’s infuriating that in 21st century America – when you simply need a hand with a mandatory or go to jail tax return – the agency that should provide you with a modicum of customer service while you navigate over 77,000 pages of tax code, – takes its’ 1% pay raise and bonus and thumbs its nose at you.

To recap: The IRS is a 100-year-old weaponized political agency tasked with collecting information on every person and business in the United States. They barely answer half of their phone calls while targeting political enemies and peering into every aspect of taxpayer’s financial lives.

As one commentator put it, “The IRS is a joke… an expensive, unproductive one at that.” The congressionally twisted tax code makes this joke especially cruel.

Speaking of the IRS, the tug-of-war between the House Oversight Committee and former IRS senior manager Lois Lerner continues. The Washington Examiner noted this week that another “tool” might be available to entice Ms. Lerner to finally disclose what she knows – the jail in the U.S. Capitol.

Put simply, the FairTax legislation completely eliminates the need for an outdated and abused tax code, as well as the IRS, the bureaucratic weapon used to enforce it.

There is only one reason our corrupted tax code and an agency like the IRS is allowed to do what it does: Not enough Americans have said, “ENOUGH!” and taken action to replace this embarrassment to our nation.

If only enough people will say ENOUGH, they can transform our nation by demanding their representatives enact the FairTax. If you agree, please take a few minutes this week to advance the FairTax Plan with some suggestions from the “Take Action” sidebar on the right.

Finally, on a personal note, after weeks and weeks and weeks of gathering documents and data, followed by expensive CPA compilation, today I mailed my 2013 tax return. Ironically, at the same time I’ve also started getting mail and phone calls from candidate representatives asking for my support in the 2014 elections (and it is only March).

As a private citizen, here is what I want to know about any candidate who seeks my personal support. Do you support the FairTax Plan?  Are you proud to publicly acknowledge your support of the FairTax?Can and will you defend the FairTax?  If the answers to my questions are not an enthusiastic yes, yes and yes, then I have one simple answer for them – see ya!

EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is titled “The End of a Bad Show”.