College Brats and the Professors who Poison Them

Some of America’s most disgraceful people are liberal college professors who use their positions to poison the minds of their young students. Here are some thoughts about that.

Dr. Mary Grabar in her column Minding the Campus: “Slut Walks” to Pass USF Freshman Composition writes, “‘Real learning takes place outside the classroom,’ the late communist history professor Howard Zinn famously said.  Zinn practiced what he preached and led his students at Spelman College and Boston University on marches and protests. The 1960s saw plenty of teach-ins and marches by students and some radical professors.  But even then it would have been hard to imagine how the staple of first-year coursework, Freshman Composition, would be used to turn students into activists, subverting the idea of ‘composition” itself and leaving some students free of any ability to write.'”


Dr. Grabar warns, “We have radical professors promoting the idea that students’ own language is good enough, that there are no models for them to read and emulate, that they are to be change agents, participating in mob actions and demonstrating their ‘bravery’ for credit.  The end results are sure to be confused, narcissistic, indoctrinated illiterates.”