Obama Caught Secretly Giving “Free” US Army and Marine Equipment to Putin

Congressman James Bridenstine (R-OK, District 1) has uncovered another Obama secret scandal. The deal that was entered into behind closed doors by President Obama with Russian President Putin. The deal is to give Russia “Free of Charge” crucial, mid-grade sensitive US military technology, used by US Special Operations Forces to get ready for combat operations.


A Republic of Korea (ROK) Soldier armed with a 5.56mm K2 assault RIFLE wears Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System (MILES) gear during the combined Exercises Reception, Staging, Onward Movement, and Integration/Foal Eagle 2002 (RSOI/FE 02).

The National Nuclear Security Agency has been providing the Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System (MILES) to Russia. The transfer has been facilitated by Obama appointee, Secretary of Energy Ernst Moritz. Moritz is overseeing this dangerous and potentially illegal transfer of crucial, mid-grad, sensitive US military technology to Putin. All this while Russia was invading Crimea and is poised to invade Ukraine.  Moritz is continuing the transfer in the midst of Putin the mobilization of 150,000 Russian troops along the Ukrainian border.

Every American should be informed of this illegal transfer by the Obama administration.  The Democrats in the Senate and House, under the leadership of Senator Reid, Rep. Pelosi and President Obama have, by their actions, been degrading the “Combat Effectiveness” the US Armed Forces.  They have been caught secretly giving US Army and US Marine Corps military sensitive technology to Putin, rather than giving it to the National Guard, the US Marine Corps Reserve, and the US Army Reserve who desperately need that that type of equipment to prepare their personnel for combat operations.

The question every American should be asking is why didn’t Speaker Boehner halt the “illegal” transfer of crucial, mid-grade technology US military sensitive technology, to Russia “Free Of Charge” and allowed it to inserted in the House Fiscal Year 2014 and Fiscal 2015 budgets? Why did it require the investigation of  Congressman Bridenstine to discover the traitorous and illegal transfer of US military sensitive technology to Russia “Free of Charge”?

Will the Speaker stop this transfer of sensitive US military technology to Russia?

Or will he, as he has been doing with the Benghazi investigation for 18 months, nothing? Boehner has been frustrating 186 Congressmen who keep asking the Speaker to appoint a Select House Investigative Committee on The Battle of Benghazi, so they can finally have subpoena powers that the 5 House investigations on Benghazi do not have. To cover up what happened in The Battle of Benghazi, the Obama administration has classified information on Benghazi that should never been classified and has prevented thirty-two US personnel who were on the ground during The Battle of  Benghazi from testifying—-the only way to get around that is for the House to have subpoena powers which Boehner has prevented 186 Congressmen from doing for 18 month.

Twenty-six million veterans in the United States, millions of patriotic American citizens, all the members of the US Armed Forces, Republicans,  Independents, Tea Party Patriots, and Blue Dog Democrats are waiting for you to “do something”.

In addition to allowing the US Military’s sensitive crucial mid-grade technology to be transferred “Free of Charge ” to Russia, Speaker Boehner has also allowed cuts to military benefits to already poorly paid enlisted military personnel, the elimination of military commissaries, reduction of the US navy below its strength at the beginning of WWI, cutting the US Army below its strength at the beginning of WWII, elimination of entire categories of US Air Force Combat aircraft and allowing President Obama to kill the cornerstone of US Naval Power–The Tomahawk & Hellfire Missile Programs

Will you, Mr. Speaker, ever “do something”? You do control the purse strings and have massive powers given you by the framers of the US Constitution.


U.S. Gives Russia Free Military Equipment Used By Army, Marines

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