Reckless Endangerment

Not since Jimmy Carter’s mishandling of the presidency from 1976-1980 have we seen such an ineffective, feckless and incompetent national security policy from the White House. But Barack Obama’s latest proposals to drastically cut America’s defense budget stretch the boundaries of stupidity and naivety…or are these moves designed to intentionally weaken America?

We are preparing our grassroots campaign strategy to make sure members of Congress know that drastic cuts to our defense budget are unacceptable to Americans from all walks of life.

The US is withdrawing from the world and cutting our military while countries like Russia, Iran and China are filling the void Obama has left.

Look at the drastic cuts to the military that Obama is instituting in the face of an expansionist Russia, a China that is ramping up military spending exponentially and an Iran that is feverishly working on nuclear weapons.

And what are we doing?

Last week, Obama’s Air Force secretary announced that the Air Force will eliminate the entire A-10 Warthog fleet, the U-2 spy plane fleet, the KC-10 tanker fleet and significantly reduce the number of F-15 and F-16 fighters. All told 580 aircraft will be junked.

On the Navy side, the situation is just as bad or even worse.

The Chief of Naval Operations told Congress last week that the US Navy needs 450 ships to meet its mission requirements.

How many does it have?


But here’s the worst part: Currently the Navy has 11 aircraft carriers. Most analyses indicate that the Navy needs 12 carriers to perform its missions while some even say we need 15 carriers.

Nevertheless, Obama is about to cut our Navy down to 10 carriers.


By mothballing and likely scrapping a nuclear powered carrier just halfway into its service life.

The USS George Washington was commissioned in 1992. Her designed service life from the start was 50 years. She was scheduled to undergo a mid-life modernization and refueling next year, a process that takes 4 years.

Obama plans on getting rid of the Washington rather than performing the long-planned update work.

This is a gross example of mismanagement. The American people invested heavily in the Washington when she was built. She was designed to serve America for 50 years. Obama is pilfering that investment.

Obama claims that he is doing this in the name of “fiscal responsibility,” but there are some inconvenient truths about Obama’s priorities.

For instance, in the first 5 years of the Obama administration, the U.S. government spent a record $5.3 trillion on welfare programs.

Today there are 48 million people—many not even Americans—receiving food stamps from the US government—by far more than ever before.

And did you know that, even with Obama’s drastic defense budget cuts, the federal budget will still grow by $200 billion?

The only thing being truly cut is our national defense.

Meanwhile, Russia is invading its neighbors, China is spending up to 15% of its rapidly growing GDP on defense every year, Iran continues to enrich uranium and sponsor Jihadist terrorism and Al Qaeda is operating in more nations worldwide than ever before.

Obama’s priorities are clearly out of touch with America and they are recklessly endangering America’s national security.

ACT! For America is America’s ONLY grassroots national security organization. No one understands the motivations behind Barack Obama better than our 279,000 members from coast to coast.

Our entire mission is to promote America’s national security by peace through strength at home and abroad. We know how important national security is to the future of our country; we work tirelessly in the halls of power in Washington, DC, we write about it and speak about it every day on the radio, television and in speaking engagements across America.