Muslim tells Muslims: “If you feel you are uncomfortable here — then leave the country”


Qadir visits a study group hosted by Institute of Politics fellow Farah Pandith. Photo courtesy of Harvard Political Review.

Rachael Hanna, Associate World Editor for the Harvard Political Review interviewed Hanif Qadir, Founder of the Active Change Foundation (ACF). According to the ACF website, “Hanif is recognised as one of the UK’s leading specialists in positively transforming violent extremists. He is actively involved in advising and assisting senior policy makers in reforming key aspects of the Preventing Violent Extremism (PVE) agenda. He works closely with a wide range of Governmental institutions, most of the UK’s Police authorities including the Metropolitan Police and research academics across the globe, with a view to applying a more sensitive and sensible approach in counter terrorism strategies.”

Given Qadir’s background, and that he is a practicing Muslim, this question and answer from the interview stands out:

HPR: In more conservative Muslims communities, how do you deal with the conflict that they might feel exists between some of their beliefs and the modernity of Britain?

HQ: I find that quite easy to handle. There is nowhere in Britain where you are not allowed to practice your faith. In every part of Britain, there are mosques and people are allowed to practice their faith as long as it doesn’t harm others. So my argument to [conservative Muslims] always will be, “If you feel uncomfortable about being a Muslim in Britain, you are not being compelled to live in Britain. You can choose to leave.” And sometimes, if they feel strongly about their views, then I will quote [Koranic] verse to them about emigrating for the sake of Allah to a land where you can feel comfortable practicing your religion. So if you feel you are uncomfortable here, then please your Lord and leave the country. [Emphasis added]

To read the full Harvard Political Review interview click here.

Qadir believes “the War on Terror absolutely can be won.”

“I believe wholeheartedly that it can be won. Communities have a role to play in this. We cannot tackle this problem without the backing of the community, and the only thing that will allow that to happen is if the government and its institutions support organizations like the ACF to go into communities and build that collateral. There has to be more participation from young people and from communities in politics, government, and education,” notes Qadir.

In the video below former extremist and Founder of The Active Change Foundation Hanif Qadir tells us his story of getting sucked into radical thinking, how young people get radicalized, what we can do to prevent it and if its possible to win over the extremists:



There are many who question current US policy in the war on terror under Presidents G.W. Bush and Barack Obama. Former federal agent and author of Muslim Mafia David Gaubatz stated in an interview:

A “radical Muslim” is a “practicing” Muslim. A “Moderate” Muslim is a “non-practicing” Muslim or otherwise known as an “Apostate of Islam.” I ask readers to read my prior article, “The Fallacy of the Moderate Muslim.” There are essentially four types of people associated with Islam.

    1. You have the “Pure Muslim” who does everything he or she can to be an example of what Islam was mandated to be by Prophet Mohammed (the founder of Islam). These folks are the Taliban, Al Qaeda, and a dozen other Islamic terrorist groups. They are otherwise known as the band of the Muslim Brotherhood.
    2. The second group are Muslims who found and lead such organizations as CAIR, ISNA, MSA [Muslim Students’ Association], MANA [Muslim Alliance in North America], etc. They spend millions on public relations to make themselves appear as peaceful Muslims only wanting to help other Muslims in need. In actuality, these groups are simply fronts of the Muslim Brotherhood to help fund their illegal operations.
    3. The third group consists of what the world describes as “Moderate” Muslims. They have little to do with Islam and Sharia law. The majority of them are simply Apostates of Islam. The dangerous part is that some of these so-called moderates will side with Islamic terror groups when “the time is right.”
    4. The fourth type of group is made up of liberals worldwide who are non-Muslim but who support the Islamic ideology before they would support their own governments in America, Egypt, UK, etc. They are a grave danger, because they provide cover for terror groups.

Qadir and his colleagues at ACF appear to fit into the type 3 category of Muslims. Practicing their religion without the violence associated with it.

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