The Antichrist Revealed

Since the early days of our world’s short history there have been debates on who the Antichrist is as mentioned in the Bible. I have given this some deep thought and although I am far from being a scholar on the Bible, I do believe I am a decent investigator.

Based on my experiences the vast majority of people believe the Antichrist is a person. There have been conspiracy theories that the Antichrist will be a person with such a character as to draw in billions of people to their fold. I suggest the true Antichrist has been around for approximately 1400 years and is not a person but rather an ideology.

This is the Islamic ideology. For centuries this evil ideology has brought billions to their knees in worshiping a belief that is based solely on deceit, hate, and violence. Could the Antichrist then be an ideology and not a person of flesh?

Allegedly the Antichrist will be so powerful that world leaders will bow to it. Are there not world leaders who bow to the Islamic ideology even though many are not Muslim? This ideology has had a magical hold on very intelligent (and some not so intelligent) people for centuries.

There is an abundance of evidence clearly showing the Islamic ideology is pure evil. We must remember Islam uses as their prime example of character and pureness a false prophet (Mohammed). The Islamic ideology does not hide the fact that Mohammed was a child rapist. Mohammed hated the Jews and Christians. This same hatred was taught 1400 years ago and in 2014 it is still being taught across the world.

Islamic leaders will tell you they respect Jesus Christ, but it doesn’t take any amount of digging to know Islam does not recognize Jesus as a Christian. The belief of Muslims is that Jesus was actually a Muslim even before the formal ideology of Islam was conceived.

James Neuman wrote:

” It is supposed that God created man in His own image. Prophet Muhammad did God one better. Muhammad created God in his own image and bestowed upon his god – Allah (the AntiGod) – his own characteristics, personality, desires and ambitions. Muhammad made up the Allah of the Quran (the AntiGod) and all the Quranic teachings to create a perfect totalitarian system. How could the word of God be challenged? Muhammad was Allah and Allah was Muhammad”

“Islam is a cesspool of literally thousands of teachings contained in the Quran and Sunna of ‘prophet Muhammad’ that amount to hate crimes.Just as Hitler laid the moral and intellectual foundation for the extermination of Jews in Mein Kampf,so Islam creates the moral, intellectual and religious justification for the various hate crimes of extermination, murder, torture, terrorization, looting, pillaging, rape and enslavement directed at “kaffirs” (non-Muslims), apostates from Islam, gays and kafir women and children”.


The following are a short-list of the evil Sunnah of Muhammad, recorded in the Hadiths of Bukhari:

  • Child sexual molestation and Pedophilia is Sunna in Islam.
  • Murder, even Mass Murder, is Sunna in Islam.
  • Extermination and ethnic cleansing of communities is Sunna in Islam.
  • Rape is Sunna in Islam.
  • Sex Slavery is Sunna in IslamBeheading is Sunna in Islam.
  • Stoning to death for sexual deviation is Sunna in Islam.Beating one’s wife is Sunna in Islam
  • Murdering Kafir children is Sunna in Islam.
  • Murdering Muslims’ own children is Sunna in Islam.
  • Murdering Jews is Sunna in Islam
  • Murdering Christians is Sunna in Islam
  • Slavery is Sunna in Islam
  • Booty is Sunna in Islam
  • Whipping is Sunna in Islam
  • Torture is Sunna in Islam
  • Terror is Sunna in Islam
  • Maiming is Sunna in Islam
  • Jihad is Sunna in Islam
  • Extortion is Sunna in Islam

The list goes on and on and there is little doubt that the Islamic ideology is the most evil of all evils.

“But in Islam, they represent the Sunnah, the sacred “path”. And quite desirably this is the Sunna that Muslim men were emulating at the Kenyan, Boston, World Trade Center and all the other Jihad massacres across the globe. Since the Muslim perpetrators of those Jihadi terror attacks were simply modeling their behavior on Muhammad, they are good, moral Muslims – not deviant fanatics. Far from the naïve thinking that their violence and intolerance are alien to inherently peaceful Islam, they are directly rooted in Muhammad’s example.The above catalogue of Muhammad’s evil Sunnah would obviate that he was among the rare instances of evil persons ever walked the earth, not the person of moral perfection as claimed by Allah. And when Allah picked such an “evil incarnate” as his best representative to mankind, then Allah could not be a loving and merciful creator of the Universe but a “Monster of Evil”.

I encourage readers to review some of the articles and books written by James Neuman.

Do we need more proof that the Islamic ideology is evil? If the Antichrist is not Islam itself, then God help us because I could never imagine anything more evil.

Can we defeat the Antichrist?

The Bible is the best reference to use to answer this question. Most people are waiting for an Antichrist to appear and then begin the fight to defeat it. It is my firm belief the Antichrist reared its ugly head 1400 years ago and we are far from defeating this evil, but at least the innocent people around the world should consider Islam as the true Antichrist.

In order to defeat any enemy one must first know who the enemy is.


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