‘Ukraine’ to the tune of Clapton’s ‘Cocaine,’ by Joe Pags

A radio talk show host Joe “Pags” Pagliarulo has modified Eric Clapton’s “Cocaine,” and I couldn’t help but illustrate it.

Click here to listen to the new version


Words and Vocal – Joe Pags

The world says get out. But, Putin says.. no doubt, Ukraine.
Obama frowns, but Putin’s getting down in Ukraine.
He don’t buy, or stand by, or say why; Ukraine.

Obama talked tough but, Putin called his bluff Ukraine.
When the day is done Putin won; Ukraine.
BO lied by the side watch Vlad ride – in Ukraine.

He sanctioned some guys hoping to turn the tide: Ukraine.
Don’t forget this fact, Putin won’t give it back; Ukraine.
Let’s talk gays, women’s raise, ACA – ignoring Ukraine
BO’s weak, Putin streaked moved his fleet – to Ukraine.