Mandated by the State: Smart Meters and Obamacare

I a Florida homeowner and careful about my usage of electricity. My electric bill last month was $41.56. People buying health insurance choose their plans carefully as well to fulfill their health needs and economic situation. If I am forced to pay a fine of $13 for not doing anything it would result in a 31% monthly increase in my electric cost for no logical reason.

Florida Power & Light (FP&L) has spent hundreds of millions of dollars to install what they refer to as “smart meters” on the properties they service. They require all of their customers to allow installation or face a monthly fine for what they refer to as opting to a “non-standard” meter. The Federal Government put together Obamacare and now forces all who have their standard health insurance plans the government describes as non-standard to scrap them and comply with what the government wants or face a fine.

The meter on my home was here when I bought it ten years ago so did I buy a home with a non-standard meter? My meter is no more non-standard than millions of the people who are being forced off their insurance plans because the government says they know what is best for consumers. Where the Supreme Court says it is all right to tax people for not having government mandated insurance the PSC says it is fine for FPL to tax conscientious homeowners who choose to keep their standard meter.

Just as there are all kinds of bad things being unveiled about Obamacare and the havoc it has caused the new meters from FP&L are like what Pelosi said about Obamacare… you have to install it to find out what it is all about and I and many thousands of others are not interested.

See the similarity in how citizens are being mandated to do what the government or monopoly demands. Is that right?

If there are any sane people in the state government would you please intercede with the PSC and eliminate the mandatory sign up for the FP&L meter or face monthly fines?