Why was Ann Coulter banned from CPAC?

Hey Conservatives…we have a problem. How does the most popular speaker at the annual, preeminent Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) get banned from formally speaking at the 2014 event?

Well, in this short video, we will set the context and Ann Coulter will explain exactly how SHE was banned from this year’s CPAC event, an event by-the-way, that is sponsored by the prestigious American Conservative Union (ACU). As you will see, there is a nefarious individual behind the ACU/CPAC activities and The United West (TUW) will present evidence over a multi-part investigative Micro-Series, exposing conservative icon, Grover Norquist, as an ideological “Enemy-of-the-State.”




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EDITORS NOTE: This video is part of TUW’s Micro-Series entitled: “Bad Guys, Government Lies, Muslim Spies” carried exclusively on this e-Magazine. The featured photo is courtesy of  Gage Skidmore. This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.