Michelle Malkin Rips Into Jeb Bush And “Fed-Ed” Common Core Standards

Conservative blogger, FOX News contributor, and my fellow “brownie” amiga,  Michelle Malkin was recently in Florida doing what she does best, railing against progressives and squishy establishment Republicans.

Malkin was the keynote speaker at the 2014 Hernando County Lincoln Day dinner this past weekend, and did not pull punches with her disgust with the likes of former Common Core pied piper, Florida Governor Jeb Bush, and others who support the “Fed-Ed” education standards.

Common Core is a huge issue for Malkin, and has reached a fever pitch in Florida. State Representative Debbie Mayfield has recently introduced legislation keep Common Core out of the state’s school system.

Republican congressional candidate, Jorge Bonilla, who is challenging Democrat Alan Grayson, has recently called for a full defunding of Common Core, was also in attendance.

Even Senator Marco Rubio has put himself at odds with Jeb Bush by openly expressing his opposition to government-run socialized education.

Watch this video clip of Malkin’s rip on Bush and Common Core.



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EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared on The Shark Tank.