World Wide Christian Leaders Abandon Their Own in Nigeria

By Wallace S. Bruschweiler and Alan Kornman

The period 1938 to1945 should have been a lesson for all future generations.  The European Jews sitting back and accepting to be marched to Nazi slaughter-houses is absolutely not to be repeated in today’s day and age.

Abubakar Shekau, leader of the Islamic supremacist group Boko Haram declared war on the Christians in this shocking video.

How will we justify our inaction(s) to the next generations – what and how will the future history books describe the Christian massacres in Syria, Sudan, Pakistan, Indonesia, Iraq and Nigeria. What kind of justifications will we have to invent, to answer in the future, the questions asked by our children?

Here we are – when Hillary Clinton served as President Obama’s Secretary of State, she vigorously opposed for over two years placing the al-Qaida affiliated terrorist group Boko Haram on the State Department’s official list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations,  John Kerry to his credit did it in November 2013.

The Response

Andrew McCarthy writes in the National Review, “Mrs Clinton and President Obama have convinced themselves that they know more about Islam than Muslim terrorists do, and that the peaceful, pliable, progressive Islam they have concocted somehow renders the jihadists’ Islam false.” Unfortunately, there are over 300 Nigerian girls and young women who would beg to differ!

Boko Haram’s Islamic justified barbaric actions speak for themselves.  Yet Christians around the world remain militarily passive to the existential threats posed by Islamic Jihad. This reminds me of the disgusting repeated ‘non decisions’ to bomb the railways tracks leading to Dachau, Auschwitz, etc. during World War II.

Nigeria, as many other nations in Africa and the Middle East, is an artificial political entity (remember Biafra).  A large number of these African and Middle East countries are formed by a significant  number of tribes with completely different ‘standards’ and kept together by corruption and terror.

Kidnapping, slavery, forced marriages, rape, forced conversions, mass murder, and torture no longer move people of conscience into military action.  Instead our leaders, on the world stage, give us nice words of righteous indignation that sooth’s the souls of the unaffected and washes the guilt of responsibility off our collective shoulders.

Ronald Reagan described, “America is a shining city upon a hill whose beacon light guides freedom-loving people everywhere.” This beacon of light has dimmed and is flickering close to complete darkness.

“For we must consider that we shall be as a city upon a hill, the eyes of all people are upon us; so that if we shall deal falsely with our God in this work we have undertaken, and so cause Him to withdraw His present help from us, we shall shame the faces of many of God’s worthy servants, and cause their prayers to be turned into curses . . .”— John Winthrop, aboard the Arbella, 1630

What Happened On The Ground In Nigeria

April 14, 2014

The New York Post reports, “The girls in the school dorm could hear the sound of gunshots from a nearby town. So when armed men in uniforms burst in and promised to rescue them, at first they were relieved.

“Don’t worry, we’re soldiers,” one 16-year-old girl recalls them saying. “Nothing is going to happen to you.”

The gunmen commanded the hundreds of students at the Chibok Government Girls Secondary School to gather outside. The men went into a storeroom and removed all the food. Then they set fire to the room.

“They … started shouting, ‘Allahu Akhbar’ (‘Allah Is Greatest’),” the 16-year-old student said. “And we knew.”

What they knew was chilling: The men were not government soldiers at all. They were members of the ruthless Islamic extremist group called Boko Haram. They kidnapped the entire group of girls and drove them away in pickup trucks into the dense forest.

Three weeks later, 276 girls are still missing. At least two have died of snakebite, and about 20 others are ill, according to an intermediary who is in touch with their captors.

What’s not in this May 6 story is the girls were Christians.  Many were sold to their Boko Haram captors for $12.75 US, forced to convert to Islam, and threatened with a sure death if they did not comply.  Others have been taken across borders to Cameroon and Chad, they said. Their accounts could not be verified, but forced child marriage is common in northern Nigeria, where it is allowed under Islamic law but not the country’s Western-style constitution.

May 7, 2014

As many as 300 people died in a Nigerian border in what officials described as a large and vicious attack by the Islamic terrorists of Boko Haram.

Nigeria’s Daily Post, citing Nigerian Senator Ahmed Zannah, said that the attack lasted for over 12 hours. Islamic terrorists believed to be part of Boko Haram, drove into the town on trucks and opened fire on crowds of people. Then, they razed the town itself. Zannah said that “The attackers stormed the communities in the night when residents were still sleeping, setting ablaze houses and shooting residents who tried to escape from the fire.”

This Nigerian town was attacked by Boko Haram because it was a staging area for security forces looking for the 300 kidnapped Christian girls from April 14, 2014.

May 6, 2014 – President Obama Reacts 23 Days After The Mass Kidnappings

The Los Angeles Times, Christi Parsons, reports, “The Obama administration will send military, intelligence and law enforcement advisors to Nigeria to help the beleaguered government find and rescue more than 270 teenage girls who were abducted by the Boko Haram terrorist group last month, the White House said Tuesday.

The team will share U.S. intelligence and provide investigative help, not military force, in the search for the students, who were kidnapped April 14 from a rural high school in Nigeria’s Muslim-dominated northeast.

The deployment will mark the first public American assistance in a case that has sparked international outrage. The U.S. announcement came after the leader of Boko Haram vowed in a video to sell the girls as slaves, and after gunmen reportedly took at least eight more girls from another village overnight.

President Obama spoke out on the abductions for the first time Tuesday, calling them “heartbreaking” and “outrageous.”  For 23 days the President of the United States of America was silent MIA.  American Muslim civil rights  groups were virtually silent for at least 20 days after the Nigerian Christians girls were abducted. Only until the non-Muslim world began to take notice did these, so called Muslim civil rights groups speak out and engage in damage control.

Muslim Brotherhood supporter Ahmed Bedier, made the outrageous claim, “Islam did not fail the people of Nigeria…Islam is not the problem…Islam did not fail here, Islam is not the problem…Islam is not the problem the government of Nigeria is the problem.”   Boko Haram’s official Arabic name, Jamā’at ahl as-sunnah li-d-da’wa wa-l-jihād (جماعة أهل السنة للدعوة والجهاد) translates The Congregation of the People of Tradition Proselytism and Jihad says otherwise.  If this is not political Islam Mr. Bedier, then it is up to the followers of Islam to take responsibility and clean up Dar al Islam (House of Islam) and stop blaming others.

Amnesty International Reports

Amnesty International claims Nigeria’s military may have had prior warning about the attack on the school, but failed to act.  Amnesty said it had verified reports from several credible sources who said that security forces knew about the raid four hours before it took place.  It said, “An inability to muster troops – due to poor resources and a reported fear of engaging with the often better-equipped armed group – meant that reinforcements were not deployed.”

In a statement the Foreign and Commonwealth Office said Britain’s aim was not only to help find the girls, but to eradicate Boko Haram, whose five-year insurgency has left at least 1,500 people dead in 2014 alone.

The Nigerian military still appear to have no idea exactly where the abducted girls are.

President Goodluck Jonathan has said that Boko Haram has “infiltrated… the armed forces and police”, sometimes giving the militants a head start.”

“The Nigerian military is a shadow of what it’s reputed to have once been.” said James Hall, a retired colonel and former British military attache to Nigeria. “They’ve fallen apart.”


History is repeating itself as lessons that should have been learned in 1938 go unheeded at this present time.

Christians of all denominations have been put on notice.  In Nigeria 300 Christian girls were kidnapped, sold into slavery, forced marriages, and conversions to Islam, or face death.

In February of this year Boko Haram burned alive 58 Christian boys.

The atrocities targeting Christians from Islamic Jihadists are numerous and well documented.

The only solution is for the Christian Church in total to protect their own fellow Christians wherever they are being persecuted, murdered, and forced to convert from their faith at gun point.

Ms. Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s powerful words below should be read and reread by the Vatican and the Christian community at large the world over.

“I am often told that the average Muslim wholeheartedly rejects the use of violence and terror, does not share the radicals’ belief that a degenerate and corrupt Western culture needs to be replaced with an Islamic one, and abhors the denigration of women’s most basic rights. Well, it is time for those peace-loving Muslims to do more, much more, to resist those in their midst who engage in this type of proselytizing before they proceed to the phase of holy war.

It is also time for Western liberals to wake up. If they choose to regard Boko Haram as an aberration, they do so at their peril. The kidnapping of these schoolgirls is not an isolated tragedy; their fate reflects a new wave of jihadism that extends far beyond Nigeria and poses a mortal threat to the rights of women and girls. If my pointing this out offends some people more than the odious acts of Boko Haram, then so be it.”


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