Message to Counter-Terrorism Experts: Islam Can’t Be Reformed

Today I received about 25 emails asking me if Islam can be reformed. Specifically they wanted to know if a Muslim could follow Islam and not Shariah law. They said a well known counter-terrorism expert who was recently on the radio said a Muslim could set aside Shariah law and still be a good Muslim. I laughed and laughed when I heard this. The people who say this are the ‘Medical Quacks’ of the 1800’s. They will give their audience anything for a few pennies.

This was my basic answer to the separation of Shariah from Islam:

“There is no Islam without Shariah law. One can’t separate the two. There is no Christianity without the Ten Commandments, and the same goes for Islam. The alleged counter-terrorism experts who say a person can be a follower of Islam, yet does not practice Shariah, should be tuned out. They are hurting the educational awareness of understanding ‘Pure Islam’. Islam was founded on the sayings and actions of Prophet (Pseudo) Mohammed. He is the example for all Muslims to follow. If a Muslim denies the sayings and actions of Mohammed, he/she has committed both ‘Blasphemy and Apostasy’. – Dave Gaubatz, Author “Muslim Mafia

terrorist camps in america map

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Islamic leaders put out material distributed from Pakistan, India, and Saudi Arabia detailing the specifics of how a ‘Pure Muslim’ should lead their lives in accordance with Shariah law. A Muslim can’t pick and choose which aspects of Shariah they want to adhere to and which ones they prefer not. A Muslim is either Shariah compliant or they are not. In other words, they either practice Shariah law or they are non practicing Muslims. If a Muslim does not adhere at least in his or her heart to all aspects of Shariah law, they are considered Apostates by their leaders. This is a death sentence for them regardless of what country they reside in. Islam and Shariah law have no boundaries. Boundaries are man-made specifically by Jews and Christians, and in the hearts of Muslims they are meaningless.

The following three requirements are directly from Islamic leaders/Imams from whom my research team and I have received advice over the last three years. The intelligence I collect is always first-hand intelligence.

  1. Islam is not a religion. Islam is a political, economic, and military ideology. Religion within Islam is used as a tactic to achieve the ultimate goal of Islam which is an Islamic Ummah (nation) worldwide and under Sharia law.
  2. Shariah law is an all or nothing. A Muslim can’t pick and choose which parts of Sharia they desire to adhere to. 90% of Shariah law may be peaceful, but it is the 10% that innocent people must ‘fear’. This part pertains to the intolerance of other religions, the hatred of Jews, Christians, and even Muslims who do not adhere to Shariah law, and physical Jihad. All Muslims are not required to physically fight their enemies, but ‘All’ Muslims must assist in equipping and financing their brothers and sisters who are engaged in physical Jihad. For a Muslim to choose not to do so equate to him/her being an Apostate of Islam; again this is a death sentence for the accused.
  3. The innocent people of all races, religions, and cultures are at war with Islam. This is the hardest and most difficult concept for people to understand. The Muslims who committed murder on 11 Sept. 2001 were doing so in the name of Islam. The 4000 plus men and women who have been murdered in Iraq and Afghanistan were killed in the name of Islam. Maj. Hassan from Ft. Hood who killed several people did so in the name of Islam. The same materials being studied by Hamas, Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, and the Taliban are the exact materials being distributed across America and provided to innocent young Muslim children to study in order to be ‘Pure Muslim’.

During the last year I have met with thousands of Patriots around the world. I have had one main goal. I want people to realize there is no peace in Islam. Islam and Shariah law are very dangerous and one need only look around the world each day to confirm this. When an alleged counter-terrorism expert tells you there is a peaceful side to Islam and Shariah law can be discarded by a Muslim they are doing this for one of four possible reasons:

  1. They are incompetent
  2. They are playing the Political Correctness Game
  3. They are playing the Middle of The Road Game so as not to distance themselves from the actors and actresses of the media, politicians, and from Conservative ‘Reformers’
  4. They do not want to upset the many millions of people who will donate to them if they do not go to far off the liberal course in explaining Islam

In closing: We will be defeated by the Islamic ideology and it’s followers if we do not define Islam for what it is. Islam has been dangerous for over 1400 years and it can’t be changed.

I explain Islam using first hand evidence. Since I started my crusade to expose Islam I have always done so in a purely journalistic manner. I report facts: It is no concern to me if I offend the actors and actresses of the media, I do not care if I offend law enforcement who side with Islamic terrorists more than they do innocent Americans, I do not care if I offend politicians from the left or right, I do not care if I offend non profit 501 organizations from the left or right, I especially don’t care if I offend America’s number one Muslim Brotherhood Supporter Barack Hussein Obama.

I lose many donations because of my straight forward reporting. I only conduct first-hand research because I want Americans and others to know ‘Pure Islam’. When I can I use my own meager funds. There are a few that donate for me to conduct research in their areas. For those who would rather donate to alleged counter-terrorism experts who are hurting our country more than helping, this does not offend me. Anyone who spouts off lies about the alleged peaceful side of Islam is hurting not only America, but the innocent people worldwide. They are hurting the future of our children. There is no excuse for this.

My message: Condemn the Islamic ideology and it’s leaders/supporters as haters of the free world.