Europe Longs for the Sovereignty it has Lost


Marine Le Pen

My translation from the German of part of a recent interview with Marine Le Pen, whose anti-EU party Front National is trending to become the most popular in France, follows. This trend bodes ill for the EU but well for the French people. The issue is sovereignty — the right of a people to determine their own way and their own future — for example, the right not to be taxed to supply peripheral countries like Greece with perennial bailouts.

The same trends prevail throughout most of the EU core countries, which are sick and tired of a small oligarchy controlling their lives, regulating business out of business and taxing them into poverty.

BTW, my American friends: when was the last time you heard a US politician or candidate mention the word sovereignty?

Of all the issues discussed at election time, this most vital of all issues is conspicuously missing. We aren’t supposed to have it. The elites are deathly afraid of the concept, which implies control of one’s borders, among other things. The GOP top leadership wants open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens. Further, many Republican candidates are Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) members. The CFR wants a one world government.


Richard N. Haass, President, Council on Foreign Relations

Richard Haass, the president of CFR, once wrote “it is time to rethink sovereignty.” Rethink is code for abolish. I had said before that it is time to relearn, not rethink, sovereignty. After all, if the culture of a nation is stealthily undermined by transnational elites, that is a takeover by a foreign power. Millions of bewildered Americans no longer recognize American culture, even as the degenerate transplanted culture is touted in terms of “freedom.”

A sovereign country also controls its own borders. It’s part of security. The Democrats also want open borders. The Libertarian top leadership, while vacillating somewhat on the subject of illegal immigration, is not strongly against it and is intent on wooing the Hispanic vote.

Unfortunately, without sovereignty, “liberty” is an illusion and talk of it is empty palaver. You can hardly be a free individual in a slave country.

All three parties think Hispanics are obsessed with coming to America without visas. Yet Hispanics live in communities where their safety is threatened by transnational illegal gangs and drugs imported by illegal aliens. If politicians turned their narrative and their dialogue toward this issue and cited any of the numerous examples of how Hispanic communities are threatened by crime and drugs due to illegal immigration, progress could be made and the Democrats could be exposed as enemies of Hispanics. But no politician seems capable of resetting the dialogue this way.

With elections coming up, you need to ask your candidates what they intend to do to help restore sovereignty to your state or your country. Watch them hem and haw when you do. They don’t know what the word means. Open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens are the antithesis of sovereignty.

Marine Le Pen says she sympathizes with Putin because he upholds sovereignty for this people. He is in fact the only major world player who does so.

Anyone who finds himself hating Putin may also hate sovereignty. Either that or they are victims of racist Russian bashing. The interview:

You maintain relations with the Russian head of state. His representatives have wished your party success. You have expressed sympathy for Putin.

I want to be at the head of a non-aligned state, which is not beholden to either the U.S. or Russia. To talk to these two powers as an equal. Without waging a cold war such as that waged by the EU in an absolutely stupid manner and completely against the interests of the European people. Maintaining good relations with a power like Russia is the least one can do in terms of peace because the EU talks a lot of peace, but wages a lot of war. A war of words, diplomacy, economics. I want peace.

How do you explain the sympathy that Putin’s camp has expressed for your “Front National”?

Because Mr. Putin is a patriot. He upholds the sovereignty of his people. He is he aware that we defend common values​​. These are the values ​​of European civilization. He probably will not find these qualities of courage, sincerity and respect for identity and civilization in other political movements in France.

So you find that Putin represents those values?

Yes, yes, I believe it. So (slightly delayed), at least from everything that is expressed [by Putin—Don]. The way he leads the country, this is a man whose values ​​are important. Assuming one accepts these values. The Socialist Party does not recognize these values.

European values ​?

Yes, the values ​​of European civilization. The values ​​of our Christian heritage (laughs meaningfully). Because we do not question the Christian heritage of European civilization.


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