Are Liberal Democrats Slaves to their Muslim Masters?

My columns and newsletter are read by many Muslims and Liberal Democrats, as well as those from the right of the political spectrum.  For the sake of my liberal Democrat readers who have a limited knowledge of Islam, I will keep this article simple and to the point. My intent is to educate about how the liberal Democratic world views are similar to and differ from Islam. The following table provides twenty categories for comparison of key policies liberal Democrats hold and compares them to Islamic laws and policy:

Liberal Democrats    Islam     
Pro-Homosexuality and same sex marriage Punishment is death for homosexuals and Lesbians
Women are equal or superior to Men It takes 4 Women to make 1 Man
Do not advocate marriage and Sex to Children Islam/Shariah allow marrying infants to aged men and allow the girl to be ‘raped’ at age 9
Abortions is allowed Abortions are allowed
Advocate for big Government Big Government only in Non-Muslim Countries
Advocate against First Amendment for ALL First Amendment for Muslims only
Anti-Guns and Second Amendment Pro Guns, Chemical, Nuclear and Biological weapons for Muslims
Haters for all things ‘Right Sided’ Haters of all non-Muslims: Specifically Jews and Christians
Separation of Church and State Allah above any form of man-made Government
Do not advocate Freedom of Religion (aside from Islam) Does not advocate ANY Freedoms of Religion (aside from Islam)
Anti-War Strong Advocates for war (jihad) anytime and anywhere
Anti-Christian & Jewish: Lovers of Islam Anti Any Religion Except For Islam
Strong Haters of Jesus Strong Haters of Christians and the Jewish Jesus
Against the Death Penalty for felons Advocates for killing and executions of anyone (without trial)
Anti-Big Oil Companies Strong Advocates of Big Oil
Very Hypocritical Very Hypocritical
Haters of America Haters of America
Haters of Israel Haters of Israel
Pro-Obama Pro-Obama until a Stronger Muslim becomes President
Anti-U.S. Constitution Anti-U.S. Constitution
Animal Rights Advocates Haters of all things with 2 or more legs

The above is just a sampling of Liberal Democrat and Islamic views.  Of the twenty-one issues, the liberal Democrat and the Islamic ideology align together on just eight of the twenty, or 40%.  

Why then do liberals support an ideology that is so different from their own core values?

This phenomenon is known as rational irrationality. Rational irrationality is not double-think — it does not state that the individual deliberately chooses to believe something he or she knows to be false. Rather, the theory is that, when the costs of having erroneous beliefs are low, people relax their intellectual standards and allow themselves to be more easily influenced by fallacious reasoning, cognitive biases and emotional appeals. In other words, people do not deliberately seek to believe false things but rather stop putting in the intellectual effort to be open to evidence that may contradict their beliefs.

My analysis is that for liberal Democrats the Islamic ideology frightens them so much, that it is easier to align themselves with ideologies that are over 60% contrary to their own.  They do not fear conservatives because they realize Christians are a God loving people and will not intentionally harm them.

In a prison you have the weak and the strong.  The strong always prey upon the weak.  The weak will always align themselves with their enemies because it is easier to kneel than to fight.

Our U.S. military has always had the reputation of being strong, therefor the majority of military personnel traditionally have conservative values.  They do not run or kneel to the enemy.  They fight the enemy even if it means their own death is certain.

With a weak Commander in Chief we have seen our military deteriorate. There are still many more brave heroes than there are liberal Democrats, but the gap is closing. It will not be long before same sex marriages in the military will be the norm, instead of abnormal.

There is nothing that can change a liberal Democrat into a strong fighting machine.  One has to have a love for their country that only the strong can appreciate and respect.